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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
05/08/19 11:16

Aponte took over Arkas’ terminal container

Having achieved an agreement, they are now waiting for the Antitrust authority’s green light for the take-over of the remaining 50% of Ambarli-based (Istanbul) Marport by TIL (MSC Group)

Gianluigi Aponte is continuing his conquest of ports on the global shipping map.

Following the recent take-over of Gioia Tauro MCT from Contship Italia, the MSC Group’s subsidiary in charge of managing participations in container terminals worldwide recently achieved another great goal.

In fact, TIL Terminal Investments Limited Holding announced to have reached an agreement with Turkish maritime and port group Arkas to gain full control of the private container terminal Marport (in which it already held 50% of shares) located in Ambarli, on the European shore of Istanbul.

Lucien Arkas himself confirmed the news to Ship2Shore: “The transaction is still subject to the approval of the competition authority, and the process will be probably completed in a few months”, the Izmir (Arkas’ historical headquarters, besides to the one in Istanbul) tycoon confirmed.

Turkish entrepreneur accepted the offer of his client, the most influential shipowner worldwide.

Although the financial details of the transaction were not disclosed, Arkas Holding will transfer its 50% participation in Marport Terminal Operators S.A.. – established in 2001 as a joint-venture between Arkas and TIL – to its Swiss partner Terminal Investment Limited Sàrl (TIL).

The Turkish terminal operator, had been established in 2001 in the port hub of Ambarli, boasting a 2.1 million TEU container handling capacity (for a potential 1.9million TEUs traffic in 2019) and being able to accommodate 19,000 TEUs ships, with 1,410 linear meters of quays and a 530,000 sm surface, as well as 7 berths and a water depth up to 14.9 meters.

The port is equipped with 10 ship-to-shore cranes, 5 mobile cranes, 41 rubber tyred gantry cranes, 102 terminal trucks, 8 reach stackers and 10 front loaders.

TIL, dealing with investments, development and management of container terminals worldwide, was incorporated in 2000 in Geneva to manage moorings and terminal capacities in the main ports of call of Mediterranean Shipping Company’s (MSC) fleet.

Among its 36 sites worldwide, the company controls two more terminal containers in Turkey, i.e. AsyaPort (at Barbaros, south of Tekirdag, the ro-ro terminal on the western shore of European Istanbul) and Assan Port (near Iskenderun).

The former, a great project developed recently (2017), features a 1.3 million container handling capacity (for a potential 2 million TEUs traffic) and it can accommodate 16,000 TEUs ships, with 1,330 linear meters of quays and a 360,000 sm surface, a water depth up to 16.5 meters and 11 ship-to-shore cranes.

The latter, being the first terminal container in the Iskenderun Gulf, features a 150,000 container handling capacity (for a potential 190,000 TEUs traffic) and it can accommodate 14,000 TEUs ships, along its 680 linear meters of quays and a 70,000 sm surface, boasting a water depth up to 15 meters and 4 mobile cranes.

Angelo Scorza