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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
02/09/19 14:48

Another piece of Giuliana Bunkeraggi in Venice

Following the transaction with Ocean, a business lease was established with Petromar related to two barges and to the bunkering concession in Ancona

The Court of Trieste recently decreed the initiation of the voluntary arrangement procedure requested by Giuliana Bunkeraggi a few months ago (the creditors’ meeting is scheduled at the end of December), but meanwhile the Trieste-based company established another business lease after the one entered into with Ocean a few weeks ago.

Unlike the first transaction and despite the approval of the Court of Trieste, the agreement recently entered into between the Napp family company, under liquidation since the end of 2018, and Venice-based Petromar – working in the bunkering sector with its 14 units fleet – the present offer was submitted by the Venetian company without previous insolvency proceedings.

The agreement reached provides for Petromar to pay a monthly instalment of 4,200 euro for 4 months for a business lease including two naval units, the barges Capodistria and Levante, and the ten-year concession for the non-exclusive bunkering service in the port of Ancona granted to Giuliana in 2015. Moreover, the company will have a pre-emption right in the procedure related to the disposal of said assets to be initiated in a few months, with the acceptance, if there are no other proposals, of its 800,000 euro offer, which is slightly lower than the one set by the appraisal ordered by Giuliana.

In March, in agreement with trade unions, the Trieste-based company completed the dismissal of its employees, therefore they will not be transferred. Besides, as specified in the agreement entered into with Petromar, the two leased units have long been out of service. In fact, the agreement itself provides for Petromar to perform maintenance works (4-5 months), to re-obtain the necessary certifications and to insure the units.

In the upcoming months, we will see whether Petromar is planning to use the authorization related to Ancona – where in 2018 also another operator (the HDS-Anapo partnership) started working – or if the transaction aims at a mere strengthening of the Venetian fleet.


Andrea Moizo

TAG : Bunker