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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
07/01/19 10:15

Also Livorno claimed to have the largest mobile crane in Europe

Konecranes Gottwald high-tower crane, assembled in the Netherlands, was unloaded from BBC’s project cargo ship at Lorenzini terminal

The largest mobile crane in Europe was unloaded in the port of Livorno at the end of 2018, although another Italian terminal operator recently claimed this record.

Transported by the project cargo ship BBC Fuji, which had sailed from Holland – where it was assembled – Konecranes Gottwald G HMK 8412-64 mobile crane in its high tower HT version (with 10 meters higher tower) reached the Lorenzini terminal after a week of sailing.

The unit boasts impressive technical details: 58 meters high body, 64 meters long boom, operator cabin at a 43 meters height to ensure maximum visibility. Lorenzini & C.’s investment in this hybrid diesel-electric unit, announced last autumn, amounted to over 4 million euro.

After the testing phase, the crane will become operative in the coming weeks; it is said to perfectly suit the multipurpose features of the Livorno terminal – having as its shareholder MSC Group – as it was designed to work on containers, buckets and general cargo with hook.

Last month, the very busy Livorno-based terminal announced that it had got another port handling mean, a Hyster RS46-41 XLS reach stacker to carry out with maximum efficiency container loading and unloading operations on and from the trains arriving in the terminal close to the port.

As a matter of fact, it provides excellent visibility and capacity both on the second and on the third track, thus improving operations productivity significantly and reducing container handling costs.

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