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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
23/03/20 10:35

Also Greece stopped passenger ferries from and to Italy

Only trailers and their drivers are allowed to disembark in Greek ports

Last week Greece followed in the footsteps of Albania, Morocco and Tunisia, as well as Spain and Malta and stopped all passenger connections from and to Italy. The measure was adopted to contain the Coronavirus epidemic, although the virus already spread across Europe.

The last ships sailed for Greece on March the 15th, from the port of Ancona, but Greek Authorities allowed to disembark only passengers with a Greek passport, and urged others not to embark on the ships: consequently, 10 passengers embarked on Superfast Ferries & Blue Star Ferries’ ship sailing at 5.30 p. m., while 30 passengers embarked on Minoan Grimaldi’s ferry.

Like the above countries, Greece did not apply the prohibition to freights. Therefore trailers and their drivers are still allowed to embark on ships sailing from and to Greece also from Italy.