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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
16/03/20 09:18

Albania closed the port of Durrës to ferries arriving from Italy

The connections with Trieste and Ancona were suspended due to Covid-19. Also air connections between the two Countries were stopped

In August 1991, the ship Vlora moored in the port of Bari transporting over 18,000 Albanians flying from their country. 19 years after that, Albania’s economy is growing steadily, the Country aims at joining the Euro zone and it suspended all maritime and air connections with Italy.

In fact, due to Coronavirus, the Albanian Government decreed the immediate suspension of maritime connections operated by Adria Ferries between the port of Durrës and the ports of Trieste and Ancona. “This situation is a cause of concern both for health and for economic reasons because it will affect the very positive period for the port of Ancona, which is expanding and developing, with a consequent increase in employment”, Central Adriatic Sea Port Authority President Rodolfo Giampieri explained.

The restrictions decreed by the Albanian Government to restrain the spread of coronavirus include, among other things, the suspension of air and maritime connections to Durrës until April the 3rd, thus cancelling the flights from Milan Malpensa, Milan-Bergamo, Bologna, Florence, Genoa, Perugia, Pisa, Rimini, Venice and Verona.

“This season will not be easy, but we must not panic. The commitment of everyone of us is crucial to overcome this critical phase”, Giampieri concluded.