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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
05/11/18 10:14

AIDAnova postponed by Meyer Werft

The German shipbuilder announced a later delivery of the first cruiseship in the world fuelled with LNG

Meyer Werft informed AIDA Cruises that the current construction status does not permit a delivery of the AIDAnova as scheduled and therefore must be postponed.

“We deeply regret that the planned pre-premiere-cruises from Hamburg to the Canary Islands during the period from November 15 to December 2 of this year cannot take place” the German shipbuilder announced thus confirming a later delivery of the first cruiseship in the world fuelled with LNG. “With AIDAnova it is our aspiration to commission a ship that does not only comply with the usual high AIDA quality standards, but also inspires our guests with a wide range of innovations in many product areas.

“The largest cruise ship ever built in Germany and the first 100% LNG-powered cruise ship worldwide is a very complex, innovative ship with many new technical developments. The initial commissioning, testing and commissioning is a great challenge for us, the companies involved and the shipping company. It is important to thoroughly test all systems and ensure smooth operation for the shipping company. The scheduling of these tests can unfortunately no longer be kept due to the current configuration status” Meyer Werft justified its non compliance to the contractual terms.

Therefore, the start of the first longer sea trials and thus the delivery of AIDAnova will be delayed. “We very much regret this date change; however for us it is fundamental that we can thoroughly test the ship and finish it in the usual high quality and hand it over to our client” managing director Tim Meyer stated.

AIDA Cruises consequently informed all guests and sales partners about the itinerary change and ensured they will provide alternative travel options with AIDAnova or from our diverse range of vacation offers.



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