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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
30/07/20 09:55

A second fast connection between Italy and Croatia

Jadrolinija swaps the ferry utilised between Ancona and Zadar with a catamaran

The coronavirus pandemic and the decline in the public interest for the ferry connections between Ancona and Zadar led Jadrolinija to decide to continue offering the same service although with a fast ship instead of the conventional one utilised so far.

Starting from 31 July, the Croatian state-owned company will introduce catamaran Jelena on the route, a vehicle capable of reaching a speed of 40 knots and carrying 403 passengers, which will take the place of the ferry Zadar, with a capacity of 1,053 passengers and 280 vehicles.

The hi-speed unit will cover the link 5 times a week with a 4-hour transit time.

In the past few days, another fast connection has also started between Italy and Croatia, namely the one between Pesaro and Lussino offered by Gomo Viaggi, operated with the catamaran Krilo Eclipse, offering a transit time of 2.5 hours.