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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
07/01/19 10:02

A record of traffic for Tirrenia in 2018

Onorato Armatori’s subsidiary claims to have opened the Sicilian ro-ro trade, allowing small road haulage firms to free from their slavery under a monopoly

“We have won our bet in Sicily, allowing this market to exploit its enormous potential. Such an achievement passes by investments concentrated in the port of Catania, despite we are already intended in the coming months to expand investments to other ports of the island.

The main goal is to provide to small and medium-sized road haulage companies (which are actually the backbone of the island economy) free and easy access to ro-ro services that were de facto under the slavery of a monopoly situations, being precluded and restricted to a small circle of large road haulage companies, clients of just one maritime service provider”.

With such harsh words, no doubt referred to the archi-rival Grinaldi Group of Naples as the accused provider of services under a commercial monopoly before they entered the game, vice president and sales manager of the Onorato Armatori group of companies, Alessandro Onorato, son to chairman Vincenzo Onorato, underlines his great satisfaction for the achievements made in the Sicilian trade.

In fact Tirrenia closed 2018 with pleasing commercial and operational result, marking a growth of 35% traffic equal to an increase of about 500,000 linear meters transported to and from Sicily.

“The landing of Onorato Armatori group in Sicily has unlocked the market, allowing access to the services of the motorways of the sea, to medium and small road haulage firms that had been previously excluded.  We can boast some 1,500 different clients which have used Tirrenia ro-ro ferries to transport their trucks on the North-South axis along strategic routes such as Naples-Catania. We have therefore supported decongestion of the motorway network, confirming the aim of the slogan painted on the sides of our ships: Free Sicily. This main goal highlights the objective pursued in 2018” Onorato Jr. added.

At the end of 2018 the Onorato Group announced the opening of two new lines connecting Genoa with Naples and Livorno with Naples – that are considered synergistic with the main trunk trade Genoa-Livorno-Catania-Malta -  in order to meet a growing demand for ro-ro services.  

Meanwhile, the group’s traffic on the Sicily-Malta route is also reported to be rising with 50% of trucks in and out on Malta transported by the group's ships.

Angelo Scorza

TAG : Ro-ro