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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
11/09/17 08:24

A newbuilding for Genova Industrie Navali's fleet

A hull arrived at Mariotti's quay from Holland to be completed and turned into a bunker tanker for international navigation for shipowner San Giorgio del Porto

San Giorgio del Porto, that last year became shipowner with its first chemical tanker Marettimo M, will repeat its operation at Genoese shipyards.

An 80 meters long hull without propulsion, therefore towed by tugboats, coming from Rotterdam arrived at the quay of T. Mariotti's shipyard, one of GIN Genova Industrie Navali's two partners together with San Giorgio del Porto.

In its new role as shipping company, San Giorgio del Porto will complete the vessel by turning it into a small tanker for transporting oil products (especially bunker) in long-distance services since, once completed, the vessel will be certified for international navigation.

The outfitting works of the bunker tanker will be completed by the end of 2018. While confirming the operation, a GIN's spokesman did not reveal any detail about its economic value.

As far as Ship2Shore knows, the small tanker – that cannot be defined as a mere barge because its scope of activity will not be limited to ports – has not yet found either a final customer or an intended purpose.

San Giorgio del Porto will build it for its own use to put it on the market, as it happened with former Marettimo M., renamed Greta K and fully managed by former K-Ships' satellite company (that used to be a San Giorgio del Porto's affiliate, but one and a half years ago it was purchased by CEO Francesco Russo with a management buy-out), operating with third party contracts but still owned by the Genoese shipyard, which at present does not intend to sell it. The extent of the works budgeted for its outfitting will probably depend on the interested operators' requests. 

Angelo Scorza