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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Locked 26/01/15 14:13

GNV 'takes a look at' SNCM dossier

Martinoli seems to be unconcerned about the deal: “We simply asked to be allowed reading relevant judicial records”

Locked 19/01/15 11:41

Gesmar orders a tugboat from Rosetti

Meanwhile, as leader also of Assorimorchiatori the company's patron Vitiello points to the risks entailed by a savage liberalisation like in the case of the “Hamburg cartel”

Chiuso 12/01/15 11:47

Divorce between Chiquita and Antwerp

The new owners Cutrale and Safra opted to deroute banana traffic to Vlissingen in the Netherlands thus ending 33 years of service in the Belgian hub port