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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Locked 30/05/16 11:34

RCCL asks 3 more to STX France

The US cruise line ordered 1 Oasis Class and 2 Edge-class for Celebrity to the French subsidiary of the South Korean shipbuilding group which is at risk of failing due to its huge debt

Locked 30/05/16 11:48

Trieste says bitter farewell to Lacalamita

A man of shipping particularly fond of international port business, from Finmare to Port Authority via ECSA, Bari-native manager tied his career to the Julian port town

Chiuso 23/05/16 11:56

The Tirrenia Convention will be kept intact

The Italian Government entrusted Undersecretary for Health to respond to the enquiry, while reassuring the company run by Onorato and appraising the Antitrust

Chiuso 23/05/16 11:31

Palumbo lands on Canary Islands

The new Tenerife-based shipyard, committed to maxi yachts, ships and offshore platforms, was recently launched. Meanwhile Naples floating dock is still waiting for Port Authority's green light

Chiuso 23/05/16 11:18

Liberia almost to quit the second place

Republic of the Marshall Islands Registry continues its amazing strong growth by coming close to overcoming the historical Flag of Convenience

Chiuso 16/05/16 11:58

The Italian International Register is pending again

The Senate (supported by the House of representatives) endorsed latest amendment empowering the Government to adjust state-subsidies to shipbuilding industry, exclusively in relation to European citizenship boarded on ro-pax units