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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Locked 29/06/15 11:27

Trying to discover the secret recipe of Martinos’ shipmanagement company

The always-growing Thenamaris, placing orders for newbuildings at regular intervals – and now rumoured also to be investing in VLCCs - aims at offering its clients ‘quality around the clock and against the elements’, consistently with their motto ‘how shipping should be’

Locked 29/06/15 10:53

No Venice yet? No ‘Adriatic cruise party’ anymore!

CLIA Italy warns Rome for the stalmate of the situation of the right access for cruiseships to the Lagoon port. Director Galietti says: “Our members companies are ready to abandon the whole region if nothing is definitively decided soon!” The cruise industry delivers new boost to the Old Continent recovery, as certified by GP Wild-BREA latest report: economic contribution hits new record but hurdles to growth need to be tackled

Locked 29/06/15 11:11

NEL Lines lost its head: CEO Avrantinis resigned

The Greek company, struggling in dire financial straits, is looking for a new capital base However further interesting developments in the shareholding side are expected soon...

Chiuso 15/06/15 11:21

SNCM’s sale to be done again

All three bids rejected: while Brussels is getting annoyed and the company is approaching default, Moby and Grimaldi show on

Chiuso 15/06/15 11:18

CdI-Siremar transaction once more delayed

Lauro’s handover to Ustica Lines - Caronte&Tourist union of the former regional company of the Tirrenia group looks done, though timing and price are still to be defined