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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Locked 14/01/19 10:17

Fincantieri hits already in early 2019

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. signed a contract for the construction of 2 new generation cruise ships for the Oceania Cruises brand

Chiuso 14/01/19 10:35

ZIM expands into the 2M Alliance

The Israeli container carrier announced an upgrade of their strategic operational cooperation in two additional trades with Maersk and MSC

Chiuso 14/01/19 09:58

Italian cruise business is recovering

In 2018 passenger ports recorded an almost double-digit growth and reached all-time record levels, recovering the one million passengers lost in 2017

Chiuso 07/01/19 10:31

Will Leghorn be punished for not appreciating its main customer?

Harbour’s Master – blamed by Forza Italia Members of Parliament – allegedly hampered Grimaldi’s works, essentially standing in place of the local Port Authority, while the city Mayor sent a message warning about the full risk of escape by the Neapolitan company

Chiuso 07/01/19 10:02

A record of traffic for Tirrenia in 2018

Onorato Armatori’s subsidiary claims to have opened the Sicilian ro-ro trade, allowing small road haulage firms to free from their slavery under a monopoly