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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Locked 18/09/17 09:04

Barbaro expanding its European network

After its new joint-venture with Rosneft created last year in Malta, Barbaro is going to open an office in Geneva, while planning to get also to London

Locked 18/09/17 09:11

Second quarter 2017 smooths away Moby's problems

The positive results achieved over the last three months – increased loss and lower Ebitda – were definitely not sufficient, however, the group controlled by Onorato could cut down net financial indebtedness

Locked 18/09/17 09:28

Carnival to urge Italy speed up on LNG

According to the manager responsible for the projects of Costa and Aida, for the time being our country cannot provide LNG bunkering services unlike the rest of Europe

Chiuso 11/09/17 08:53

Rickmers still alive and kicking

Consortium of Zeaborn Group and Bertram R.C. Rickmers signed a purchase agreement regarding the takeover of the Rickmers Group’s global ship management activities

Chiuso 11/09/17 08:47

Jadrolinija, new flagship and new board

The Presidente and CEO Klanac unveiled details about the next newbuilding of the Croatian ferry line just before being dismissed by the Government

Chiuso 11/09/17 08:34

China declared war on European shipyards for cruises

The fact that, in its “Made in China 2025” development program, China clearly states its aim to grow in the passenger ships sector might speed up the agreement between Rome and Paris for Stx France

Chiuso 04/09/17 10:25

Edison to seek a new ship

The company called a tender for a gas tanker with a capacity of 27,500 cubic metres to be serving Oristano and Ravenna forthcoming hubs

Chiuso 04/09/17 10:11

Micoperi grappling with the issue of bonds

As the Ravenna-based company did not comply with loan covenants, it asked its bondholders to waive their right to early repayment: verdict put off to September