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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Locked 20/10/14 15:45

Confitarma keeps the Italian flag flying

President Grimaldi calls Banks and Institutions for help: “Finance and taxation have become two dominant detrminants of competitiveness within the international scenario”

20/10/14 16:09

Grimaldi launches the Mediterranean ecobonus

The President of Confitarma, supported by Puertos del Estado, suggests all countries bordering the Mare Nostrum to submit a joint proposal in Brussels to foster road-sea switching

Locked 20/10/14 16:20

Shipping continues being 'Hellas Über Alles!'

The ‘Marine Money’ conference 2014 discloses a country which still bets on the maritime business, listing a large number of daring shipowners despite current crisis is badly affecting Athens and the Government in office continues asking for money

Locked 20/10/14 16:52

Aponte's ferries will bet on the Caribbean

The new expanding strategy of GNV and Snav - that purchased a new hydrofoil while waiting final verdict on Caremar affair - actually backed a charter contract in Panama

Chiuso 13/10/14 14:12

Ten years in a row for Boluda Lines

The shipping division, specialist in transporting perishable products, has been present uninterruptedly at Conxemar Fair where it presented its reinforced service to Mauritania

13/10/14 11:36

Balanced growth at Cantiere Navale Vittoria!

Over 52 million euro forecasted turnover and 10 million profit will induce the group's top management to reward employees with an extra month salary at the end of this year