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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
08/01/18 10:47

Ship2Shore shows readers’ growth and consolidation in 2017

Soaring pageviews (over 1,600,000) and website visits (742,000), as well as a wider audience recorded in social media and Daily Newsletter

Ship2Shore continued achieving positive results even in 2017, primarily targeting services and contents improvement and consolidation of the audience, still slightly growing.

Once again, as certified by Google Analytics, last year S2S showed a further growth in terms of pageviews (total number of clicks on different pages), which soared from 1,604,260 to 1,688,231 (+5.23%).

Sessions recorded 8.76% growth, from 681,807 to 741,549, and the number of users who visited soared by 5.49% (namely 409,227 versus 387,939 recorded in 2016), bounce rate, the number of visits in which a person leaves the website from the landing page without browsing any further, successfully dropped from 35.27% to 33.96%.

Still according to Google Analytics data, the average reader is increasingly interested in a specific and briefly readable news, as particularly showed by the number of pageviews during a single session, which is still going down (from 2.35 to 2.28, -3.24%), and  by the average time per session (which also dropped from 1.57 minutes to 1.47, namely -10.17%).

Both trends can be partially explained by the fact that desktop visits (currently reaching 60.39%) dropped, while mobile visits soared (smartphone recorded 33.72% versus former 29.39%).

Even tablet visits dropped (currently 5.88% versus 6.65% recorded in 2016), however this trend is strictly related to latest upgrade of mobile devices.

For this reasons,, must be increasingly supported by social media, where S2S has been recording a wide and growing audience for quite some time.

On LinkedIn Ship2Shore is currently reaching 2,791 contacts (as group and page), S2S Facebook profile showed 1,667 ‘Likes’ and Twitter recorded 1.501 followers (recently 10,000 tweets), furthermore S2S has recently also landed on Instagram.

Meanwhile S2S Newsletter continues being particularly important, since early 2016 it started being supported by a Daily issue, available upon request (interested readers may ask for being listed within the recipients by contacting

The weekly Newsletter is sent 45,000 contacts (Italian and English) each Monday, while the daily Newsletter currently reaches 600 recipients and is generally opened by 90% users.

 Francesca Marchesi