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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
07/01/19 10:04

Ship2Shore exceeded the 2 million threshold

Our website recorded a double-digit increase in the number of page views, sessions and users, with decrease in Genoese readers and a much wider geography of readers

As in has always happened in the past years, also in 2018 Ship2Shore recorded a significant growth achieving over 2 million views for the first time (i.e. the total number of clicks, which is one of the key performance indicators for a website).

As a matter of fact, the total number of pages of the website viewed in 2018 were 2,018,743, recording a 19.35% increase compared to the 1,691,442 of 2017.

The double-digit growth concerned also all the other most important parameters measured by Google Analytics. In this difficult year, Ship2Shore reported all the vicissitudes of the Italian shipping sector and managed to increase both the number of users, from 407,899 to 513,960 (+ 26. %) – among whom, those who were identified as “new” (from 399,216 to 504,028, +26.25%) – and that of sessions, witnessing a +25.04% increase, from 742,955 in 2017 to the current 928,958.

The decrease in the number of pages viewed during a session continued also in 2018 (from 2.28 to an average of 2.17, -4.54%), as well as in the duration of an average session (from 1 minute and 45 seconds in 2017 to 1 minute and 37 seconds, i.e. – 7.6%), while the bounce rate (i.e. the percentage of sessions consisting in the view of a single page) increased from 33.97% of last year to 36.66%. All these figures testify an increase in the consultation of the website, with increasingly frequent though rapid views.

On the other hand, in the past years the number of Genoese readers decreased: while in 2014 visits ascribable to Genoa were still at the top of the list (amounting to 15% of the total), today the greatest number of readers are in Rome and Milan (with 15.48% and 15.13% of the total respectively). Ranking third, Genoa achieved 12.9%, followed by Naples with 6.95%. Moreover, the prevalence of Italian visitors on the total recorded a slight decrease (from 80.76% in 2017 to 78.87 in 2018), offset by an increase of American (currently 3.15%), British (2.52%), Swiss (1.52%) and German (1.28%) readers.

Another significant aspect is the decrease of the importance of our homepage (both the main one and the ones related to the various categories) as readers often access our portal through content pages (articles, photo gallery, weekly and special edition PDF) by clicking on links posted on social networks and newsletters.

As regards the latter, it must be observed that the number of readers who receive our Weekly newsletter (some 45,000) remained stable, while the number of subscribers to our Daily Newsletter increased (some 750). As concerns social networks, the number of followers recorded a significant increase: LinkedIn boasts 4,266 contacts (including our group and page), our facebook page has 2099 followers, while on Twitter we have over 1,700 contacts, and our new Istagram profile boasts over 280 contacts.

Francesca Marchesi

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