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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
16/07/18 10:07

Ship2Shore climbs even higher

The number of visits, page views and number of visitors have definitely soared in 2018 first semester

According to Google Analytics, Ship2Shore has started 2018 on the right foot, actually showing a double-digit growth in some of the primary website indicators.

Page views (the total number of clicks on grew by 18.26% actually exceeding 1 million in a sole semester for the first time ever, recording 1,045,942 clicks (versus 884,469 recorded in 2017), within overall 479,384 sessions, essentially growing by 23.95% versus 386,759 achieved in 2017 first semester.

Still according to Google analytics, even the number of users increased: 2018 first semester reached 269,705 users (+24.76% versus 216,186 recorded in 2017).

As already confirmed while analysing former figures, users are once again more likely spending less time on a page but select specific pages: the average time per session has further gone down (from 1 minute and 44 seconds to 1 minute and 40), as much as the number of pages per session (from 2.29 to 2.18, - 4.59%), while the average time spent on each page increased (from 1 minute and 21 seconds to 1 minute and 24).

Meanwhile, users' geographical origin haven't changed: Italy is still ranked first (79.02% of the whole visits), followed by the United States (3.72%), the United Kingdom (2.34%), Switzerland (1.52%), Germany (1.3%), Greece (1.13%), France (1.08%), the Netherlands (0.75%), Spain (0.49%) and finally India (0.42%) closing a list encompassing 214 countries.

Furthermore Ship2Shore has also enhanced its 'social' behaviour, currently reaching 1,899 followers on Facebook, 1,623 on Twitter, 3,687 contacts on LinkedIn (group and page) and 233 ‘followers’ on the newly opened Instagram profile.

Finally, even the number of Monday newsletter grew to 45,000 while 'Daily' readers soared to 692.

Francesca Marchesi