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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
26/05/14 17:35

Costantino 'the Great' also put his flag on the Acropolis

At the Athens Annual General Meeting, Baldissara (Grimaldi) is re-appointed to a new presidential term at ECG the European association of logistics providers to the automotive industry, which is now more confident on the future business

26/05/14 17:35

Even the Turkish maritime industry can cry

At the 11° Marine Money forum in Istanbul, Kalkavan (Turkish Chamber of Shipping) makes the point: “Incredible up and down suffered, but we passed the stress test!”

05/05/14 17:30

Triple impact on Bertram Rickmers & Co.

The ongoing pressure on the shipping market impacted all three businesses of the German group of companies according to its 2013 annual report

05/05/14 17:30

Upcoming news on Wärtsilä dispute

By selling the logistics business, the forthcoming cost-reduction plan affecting workers of the Italian branches should be relieved In the meantime ISIR shuts down in Genoa while shiprepairs supplementary plan is being debated again

05/05/14 17:30

An IPO ahead of Saga

UK cruiseship and insurance group going towards a listing in London worth 3 billion pound