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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Chiuso 06/10/14 16:49

Gard wins the prize of Youth shipping

The Scandinavian marine insurer has been awarded the 2014 YoungShip Young Corporation Award

Chiuso 03/10/14 10:49

The intra-Community supply of yachts

Studio CTS Bolla Quaglia & Associati comments also the taxation of dividends to non-residents

Chiuso 05/09/14 18:00

VAT free the service of armed security on board of ships at risk piracy

Studio CTS explains in which cases the service is subject to Italian VAT treatment and reminds terms and deadlines for the taxes paid abroad

Chiuso 04/08/14 12:30

Italy to figure out Hong Kong meetings

ANIA has released figures of the Italian insurance tran sport market in view of the next IUMI Conference in September

Chiuso 01/08/14 14:51

OECD Common Reporting Standard, tax residence in the NL and new reporting obligations on financial intermediaries

Studio CTS comments news on international taxation

Chiuso 14/07/14 00:00

Ship2Shore surfs the media wave on time once again

Our e.magazine release 4.0 features a new way in publishing news as to access and layout, including an innovative 'dai-kly' run

Chiuso 14/07/14 00:00

Ship2Shore 4.0: a User Guide

FAQs and useful suggestions in order to take advantage of all novelties featured by our new website

Chiuso 07/07/14 00:00

International fiscal system between innovation and strongest control

Studio CTS comments on electronic invoicing to the PA, UK fight against international tax evasion and Legal Rating for Italian businesses

Chiuso 30/06/14 17:42

Motia's debt restructuring validated

After the green light from the judiciary, the agreement between the Venetian shipping company and the banks is fully operative

Chiuso 30/06/14 17:42

MedCruise sealed in Spain a very intense springtime of work

Many achievements (including three new port members) caught during the latest quarter of activity by the association of Mediterranean cruise ports which gathered almost all its huge family for the general assembly held in Castellon

Chiuso 30/06/14 17:42

First state-of-the-art propeller for Danish ethylene carriers

Hispano-Italian partnership Sistemar-Sinm delivers for Greenstone of Evergas (Greeenship Gas) a sample of the pathbreaking patent CLT

Chiuso 30/06/14 17:41

Confitarma asks for a moratorium on ECAs in Northern Europe

Grimaldi turns down the use of LNG in Italy: “This is not a viable solution for the moment, as the fuel isn't yet available”

Chiuso 30/06/14 17:41

An investigation targets shipping company RBD Armatori

The Attorney's Office in Torre Annunziata impounded assets worth 11.5 million euro

Chiuso 23/06/14 17:41

Passengerships now can fly on an Ottoman Sealine carpet

A brand new player from Turkey, stemming from an experienced shipyard, shows great ambitions as a suppliers of innovative marine floorings to outfit cruiseships and yachts

Chiuso 16/06/14 17:39

European coastal depots gathered in the Serenissima

During the FETSA convention of Venice, outgoing President Giorgio Bonetti (Attilio Carmagnani) ‘handed on the torch’ to newly elected successor Martine Teeuwens (Noord Natie Terminals)

Chiuso 16/06/14 17:39

Export of goods and the internationalization of firms definitely foster maritime transport in Italy

The first Italian Maritime Economy report issued by SRM shows strengths and weakness of a segment worth 70 billion euro and almost 500 million tons

Chiuso 16/06/14 17:38

Discovering 'Yuksel planet', the barycentre of the Yilport galaxy

Exclusive interview with Robert Yuksel Yildirim, the Turkish maritime and port entrepreneur who is going on snatching terminals in order to create a world top league network (with the support of forthcoming minority partners) while declining cooperation offers from other parties (also Italian)

Chiuso 16/06/14 17:38

Posidonia 2014 has brought its fruits once again

Many deals made at the world summit of shipping by Greek shipowners – among which Marinakis, Polemis, Vafias, Latsis, Tsakos - now officialised

Chiuso 09/06/14 17:38

Hellenic shipowners ordering one newbuilding vessel every second day!

Posidonia 2014 opening by Premier Saramas confirmed that the Greek shipping industry is still the world’s number one, despite the country’s big crisis

Chiuso 09/06/14 17:38

Posidonia's social networking side: a dolly shot of glory and distress

Athens 'crazy week' of world shipping’s great jamboree lived in a shorter 3-days compact version over the most fashionable districts and resorts, although missing something...