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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
16/06/14 17:39

European coastal depots gathered in the Serenissima

During the FETSA convention of Venice, outgoing President Giorgio Bonetti (Attilio Carmagnani) ‘handed on the torch’ to newly elected successor Martine Teeuwens (Noord Natie Terminals)

16/06/14 17:38

Discovering 'Yuksel planet', the barycentre of the Yilport galaxy

Exclusive interview with Robert Yuksel Yildirim, the Turkish maritime and port entrepreneur who is going on snatching terminals in order to create a world top league network (with the support of forthcoming minority partners) while declining cooperation offers from other parties (also Italian)

26/05/14 17:35

Costantino 'the Great' also put his flag on the Acropolis

At the Athens Annual General Meeting, Baldissara (Grimaldi) is re-appointed to a new presidential term at ECG the European association of logistics providers to the automotive industry, which is now more confident on the future business

26/05/14 17:35

Even the Turkish maritime industry can cry

At the 11° Marine Money forum in Istanbul, Kalkavan (Turkish Chamber of Shipping) makes the point: “Incredible up and down suffered, but we passed the stress test!”