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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Chiuso 07/03/16 11:56

Hat trick of fiscal updates from Studio TCL Quaglia & Associati

Focus on: tax ruling, maxi depreciation and tax havens

Chiuso 01/02/16 11:47

Transfer of assets, assignment to shareholders and facilitated transformation

A way-out of the ‘stigma’ of being a screen company or an opportunity to think about family estate reorganization and plan rearrangements of capital?

Chiuso 11/01/16 11:44

Ship2Shore returned to double-digit growth

Clicks (+13.45%) and visits (+4.65%) are decidedly soaring, while S2S website is increasingly expanding as 'daily reading'

Chiuso 29/12/15 17:35

More transparency for assets invested abroad

Liechtenstein like Switzerland, farewell to historical bank secret on accounts Supreme Court: financing by the company owners on crossroad in taxation

Chiuso 04/12/15 17:09

Berths and wharves have to face IMU

Studio CTS sheds light also on tax benefits in case of occasional hires of boats and yachts

Chiuso 30/11/15 10:18

Lercaris’ fifth generation makes course for overseas markets

After a friendly shares handover from Vittorio’s to Rodolfo’s family, the Italian leader in expert insurance assessment set up an own Marine department while steadily carrying on internationalisation

Chiuso 30/11/15 09:30

Seven RTGs for new Morocco’s facility

Kalmar (Cargotec) will supply Marsa Maroc’s Terminal Conteneurs 3 in Casablanca

Chiuso 02/11/15 11:40

Letters of intent: new tweaks and sanctions

Studio CTS comments also the decision of the Supreme Court, which spares port warehouses by IMU and the news on compensation of credits towards the PA

Chiuso 05/10/15 11:20

Voluntary Disclosure: postponed to November 30

Studio CTS comments on last news regarding larger taxpayers and the changes to UK company law in order to company law to increase the reliability of its companies - The United Kingdom promotes greater transparency for its companies - Increasing cooperation between larger taxpayers and Tax Authority

Chiuso 07/09/15 14:23

Clearer rules for Voluntary Disclosure with the new decree on certainty of law

Studio CTS explains also new rules on bank deposits, which will affect potential situations of failing investment firms and banks - Bail in: new rules on bank deposits

Chiuso 31/07/15 17:44

Voluntary Disclosure: adjustments under discussion before the deadline

Less than two months before the deadline the questions are still a lot, while the applications already submitted to the Agenzia delle Entrate are a few, says Studio CTS

Chiuso 03/07/15 12:22

In force the new rules on accounting fraud

Studio CTS illustrates the recent amendments made in the field of false corporate communications - Experimental introduction of Fast Corridors

Chiuso 15/06/15 12:10

The Swiss ‘Rotary of the Sea’ is of age…

The Propeller Club Port of Geneva celebrated with triumph its 30th anniversary of activity

Chiuso 01/06/15 11:55

The customs free zones and their role in the international trade

Studio CTS explains how customs free zones (or free warehouses) work

Chiuso 01/06/15 11:53

Tax relief on business investments: deadline on June 30

A short analysis by Studio CTS on the bonus on investments in new business instrumental assets

Chiuso 07/05/15 18:54

Payment of the tax on boats is next

May 31 is the upcoming deadline for the payment of the annual tax stated by the Decreto Salva Italia

Chiuso 04/05/15 14:22

Strong performance in 2014 for BMT

The international design, engineering and risk management consultancy, secured revenues of £165

Chiuso 29/04/15 18:46

Summary of the rules of VAT deposits: mandatory physical entry of the goods and still shadows on penalties

Studio CTS explains a recent Risoluzione issued by the Italian tax authority

Chiuso 07/04/15 12:12

Updating on Voluntary Disclosure

Studio CTS illustrates the explanatory circular issued by the Italian Revenue Service containing general guideline on the procedure

Chiuso 30/03/15 15:25

Spanish youth pushing strong for ‘legal’ business in the UK

Despite being just 25, already experienced lawyer Luis Laín-Abril has recently opened his now firm specialized in maritime and international commercial law in London