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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Chiuso 16/12/13 16:53

Italproramar invites its audience by 2014 to release more ‘Instructions for use’

Next year the Genoa-based maritime international supplies company will promote, after the successful recent one held in Naples, another technical seminar to illustrate the main consequences of the ongoing introduction of the ECA areas rules on emissions

Chiuso 16/12/13 16:52

Italian shipowners on the sale and purchase market again

Romeo buys a bulk carrier while Novella, d’Amico and Morfini slim their fleets

Chiuso 12/12/13 10:18

Scorpio Bulkers doubles size of IPO

Chiuso 10/12/13 15:51

CMC Marine establishes a partnership with MIT – Marine & Industrial Transmissions

Chiuso 09/12/13 16:51

Swiss Made is a guarantee for Switzerland economy

James Breiding's book, which explains how the country of the 26 Cantons got its high reputation, was reviewed at a joint GTSA and Propeller Club event in Geneva

Chiuso 09/12/13 16:50

The (Lonely for a decade) Knight flies smooth on the Leman Lake

Luigi D’Amato, who is resident since 2007 in the quiet Lausanne, is preparing new investments in Italy and in China, whereas fine tuning the sound financing of those going on in South Korea

Chiuso 09/12/13 16:45

ABB, 180 million in orders from cruise ship builders in 2013

Chiuso 04/12/13 18:10

The Green Award Foundation appoints its new chairman

Chiuso 03/12/13 17:49

Freedom Ship, la the floating city is looking for investors

Chiuso 02/12/13 16:50

Dealing with black list costs: operational advices for firms

The establishment of internal company procedures makes it easier to manage the necessary documentation required to justify relations with entities resident in the blacklisted countries

Chiuso 02/12/13 16:49

Crisis to sweep off German shipping finance

Still high losses expected during 2014 by Fitch Ratings from shipping portfolios of banks with large exposures and higher-risk financing structures such as HSH Nordbank – now close to sell two huge fleets – NordLB and Commerzbank

Chiuso 02/12/13 16:49

Genoa, the capital city of experts in maritime casualties

A hundred European professionals gathered at the AIPAM convention concurrently with the beginning of the two-years Italian presidency in FEMAS

Chiuso 29/11/13 12:02

EU banks are expected to come back to shipfinancing

Chiuso 26/11/13 18:29

Shipping industry asks for support from UE in order to meet SECA targets

Chiuso 25/11/13 16:48

Transas wins six Italian shipowners

The Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS Premium will be installed on 64 vessel of the Consorzio Armatori del Mediterraneo

Chiuso 25/11/13 16:48

The Queen’s second life

The outcome of the tender for the restyling works of the Queen Elizabeth 2 is expected by the end of the week

Chiuso 25/11/13 16:47

More sorrow than joy in Mediterranean Cruises

MedCruise AGM was particularly concerned for disruption of large cruiseships in Venice

Chiuso 18/11/13 16:46

Wartsila launched a two-stroke eco friendly gas engine

The new dual fuel RT-flex 50 DF marine propeller, low speed unit suited for all typology of ships and able to cut NOx emissions, was introduced in Trieste

Chiuso 18/11/13 16:45

Banks all (but one) escaping fast from the maelstrom of shipping

DNB, Lloyds Banking and Royal Bank of Scotland sell their loans, Commerzbank speeds up sector disengagement, HSH Nordbank trusts only eco-shipping, Petrofin scrutinizes bankers’ sentiment

Chiuso 14/11/13 10:34

Also Lloyds to reduce its exposure in shipping industry