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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Chiuso 20/01/14 17:00

Shipping again backed by finance

Moore Stephens says banks and private equity will feed new investments but warns about operating costs

Chiuso 20/01/14 16:59

The Top container carriers of the year are low (performing) …

Dynamar has published its annual report on the first 25 operators while Alphaliner has taken the usual snapshot of the world’s first one hundred of liner companies

Chiuso 13/01/14 16:59

Germany says 2014 has kicked off better than the beginning of last year for containerships

Latest data released by Hamburg Ship Brokers Association VHSS on the New ConTex index

Chiuso 13/01/14 16:58

Nippon wishes on the best shipping for 2014 and ahead

The three big maritime groups of container transport (and more) of Japan - K Line, NYK e MOL - depict their strategies and hopes for the future market

Chiuso 13/01/14 16:57

A second Assocostieri will be established

The outgone members, which are not to come back, asked a law firm to set up a new association

Chiuso 08/01/14 18:14

Man Diesel & Turbo G95 engine to be adopted by two Greek operators

Chiuso 06/01/14 16:57

Family Fund: is your family estate truly protected?

Limits and conveniences in the analysis in the Studio CTS Bolla Quaglia & Associati

Chiuso 06/01/14 16:56

Frachtcontor peruses at the dry bulk fleet

The German broking house latest report made the point on orders, deliveries and prices throughout the just ended year and in view of the expected next developments

Chiuso 06/01/14 16:56

Over 1million clicks on S2S website

Another double-digit growth in readers (+42%) and visits (+36%), waiting for 2014 big news…

Chiuso 06/01/14 16:56

Lloyd's List's pioneers on the track of Ship2Shore

After 279 years the 'bible of international shipping’ discards printed paper making an on line choice as already chosen by our magazine 10 years ago!

Chiuso 06/01/14 16:56

Alioto bets on oil&gas

La Spezia-based firm invests in new equipment and targets foreign markets for further growth

Chiuso 06/01/14 16:56

Italian Consilium radar production sold to Navico

January started the first strategic cooperation between the two companies

Chiuso 06/01/14 16:55

Christmas storm overwhelms coast depots which split in two groups

Extraordinary meeting of Assocostieri unexpectedly issues (with a narrow majority) vote of no confidence and revokes BoD headed by Piero Neri

Chiuso 06/01/14 16:55

Giuseppe Bottiglieri denies being substantially supported by banks

Our article “Green light to the rescue of Mednav Group”, published on 23rd December 2013, caused the reaction of Torre del Greco-native shipowner who intends pinpointing his sound financial situation. The quoted story also raised some comments of advisor analyst Casani

Chiuso 06/01/14 16:55

Almost 650 million dollars sales for Italian shipowners

d’Amico, Grimaldi and Visentini spurred new investments beyond 900 million dollars

Chiuso 23/12/13 16:55

Furuno points its radar on Italy

The new Italian subsidiary of the Japanese company specializing in marine electronics will be based in Genoa

Chiuso 23/12/13 16:53

Green light to the rescue of Augusta Due

The debt restructuring plan for outstanding 375 million euro of the shipping company controlled by Mednav Group provides for banks underwriting equity-like financial tools

Chiuso 23/12/13 12:28

Borromeo (InterManager) “We live in interesting and challenging times”

Chiuso 17/12/13 14:31


Chiuso 16/12/13 16:53

UNCTAD and BIMCO review the maritime transport year

The annual report issued, since 1968, by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development contains a wealth of analysis and unique data