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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Locked 03/07/20 17:07

Nautical charter services: VAT territoriality

PKF Studio TCL, which had alreadt dealt with the draft implementing decree published on the website of the Revenue Agency, now analyzes the final measure published by the Revenue Agency itself. VAT regime applicable to port security services

Locked 09/04/20 09:16

How to support EU member states’ economy during pandemic days

A proposal from Italian lawyer Giacomini on the temporary framework for State aid measures in the current COVID-19 outbreak

Locked 03/04/20 18:04

VAT regime applicable to some provisions of services in port areas

PKF-TCL firm also provides clarification on floating structures

Locked 02/03/20 10:20

The fund for the heirs of asbestos victims in ports has also been extended

PKF TCL firm analyzes also the discipline regarding the professional category of the skippers

Locked 03/02/20 10:47

The Revenue Agency has confirmed the suspension of the fee for granting tourist landings

PKF-TCL firm focuses on the publication in the Official Gazette of conventional wages for 2020 for employees employed abroad

Locked 07/01/20 09:51

Ship2Shore recorded a double-digit growth also in 2019

Page views (over 2 million), sessions and number of users have increased further on

Locked 07/01/20 09:55

The EU Commission warns Italy on tax related to yachts

Studio Pkf-TCL analyses the opposition of Italian VAT concessions for yachts to European law

Chiuso 02/12/19 09:57

Request for the non-application of national laws, which provide extensions to maritime state concessions

Lo studio Pkf-TCL analizza le implicazioni derivanti dalla recente sentenza del Consiglio di Stato

Chiuso 04/11/19 09:49

The new real estate tax on marine platforms (IMPI) will be introduced from 2020

The PKF TCL firm analyzes the objective and subjective assumptions for the application of the new tax

Chiuso 07/10/19 10:58

The main changes introduced by the INCOTERMS 2020

The PKF TCL study analyzes the news and changes that will be made to the new version of INCOTERMS 2020

Chiuso 02/09/19 14:54

The Court of Cassation provides new insights for the correct identification of the residence of foreign subholdings

PKF Studio TCL examines a recent sentence showing a more restrictive interpretation of the law

Chiuso 05/08/19 11:29

The European Court of Justice excludes VAT exemption for oil platforms

Studio TCL also analyzes benefits for those who takes part in international fairs in 2019

Chiuso 01/07/19 11:57

Taxable port state property areas in order to ICI/IMU

PKF Studio TCL comments the latest sentence which reproposes the taxation of the port state property areas which are essential to the dealer in concessionary to carry out own business activity

Chiuso 28/06/19 11:33

Taxable port state property areas in order to ICI/IMU

Pkf Studio TCL comments the latest sentence which reproposes the taxation of the port state property areas which are essential to the dealer in concessionary to carry out own business activity

Chiuso 03/06/19 11:23

Brexit, a view from the UK

Daniel Sladen, partner of PKF Francis Clark, gives a current overview of the effects and expectations of the exit from the EU

Chiuso 06/05/19 11:14

Requirements and advantages of registered innovative SMEs

PKF Studio TCL explains the requirements and the main advantages granted to innovative SMEs listed in the special section of the Business Register

Chiuso 01/04/19 14:38

Ecofin approved the new tax havens list

Studio TCL also analyses Mini Bond as an alternative to bank credit

Chiuso 01/03/19 10:41

AIM Italia, an opportunity for SMEs willing step into financial markets

Stefano Quaglia (PKF Studio TCL) analyzes advantages and disadvantages of listing on the Multilateral Trading Facility AIM Italy

Chiuso 04/02/19 11:54

Transitional provision: a chance to minimize taxes on dividends

PKF Studio TCL analyzes the opportunity introduced by the transitional provision

Chiuso 07/01/19 10:36

LCA Studio Legale to expand in Genoa

Lawyers Davide Magnolia and Giacomo Falsetta will join the transport and logistics department

Chiuso 07/01/19 10:04

Ship2Shore exceeded the 2 million threshold

Our website recorded a double-digit increase in the number of page views, sessions and users, with decrease in Genoese readers and a much wider geography of readers

Chiuso 07/01/19 10:03

The tax credit for training 4.0 is coming soon

The tax incentive is in the provision of the 2019 Budget Law, says Studio TCL. The advantageous opportunity to assign company shares through the adoption of incentive plans

Chiuso 03/12/18 11:45

Electronic invoicing is coming into force

Studio TCL explains also the third tax amnesty provision introduced by Decree Law 119/2018

Chiuso 02/11/18 15:13

Exchange of tax information between States

Increasingly severe international controls by the tax authorities, Studio TCL observes

Chiuso 01/10/18 11:09

Advertising bonus: terms and conditions

From Studio TCL, the ‘Instructions for use’ also for road haulage subsidies. News also from the GDPR front

Chiuso 03/09/18 11:03

The pros and cons of VAT group registrations

Studio TCL also analyses requirements for determining the fiscal residence of natural persons

Chiuso 02/08/18 17:56

CR7 and the others: the flat-tax optional regime for non-Italian residents

Studio TCL also explains the latest amendments to dividends tax rules