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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
05/08/19 11:36

Yilport targets over 2 million TEUs for Taranto in a decade

Port President Sergio Prete revealed the business plan of the Turkish group for the 49-years concession period

Robert Yildirim in banchina al terminal container di Taranto

Yilport Holding, sub-holding part of the Turkish group Yildirim, will target an annual throughput of over 2 million TEUs in ten years’ time in Taranto, Italy.

That’s what Sergio Prete, president of the local port authority said to Ship2Shore after the contract signing ceremony with the terminal operator for a 49 years concession.

“For the first years Yilport will start handling annually some 200,000 TEUs with a target of 1 million TEUs per year in 2025. After that the business plan foresees a complete saturation of the terminal capacity which is almost 2.5 million TEUs per year before 2030” stated Sergio Prete. “As for the investments required the new Turkish terminal operator planned to spend €400m during the whole term of the concession which is 49 years”.

Terminal San Cataldo, that’s the name of the new Italian company entirely controlled by Yilport, will be active on the market handling mainly containers, both as a gateway and as a transhipment hub, but also break bulk and ro-ro cargoes.

“Until the end of the current year we will see no containers handled at the terminal because in the first stage we will revamp all the quay cranes and the terminal equipment. At the same time we are going to start a commercial and marketing campaign aimed at attracting shipping companies and new traffic” Robert Yildirim said. “Our intention is to create another success story in Taranto”.

Nicola Capuzzo