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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
24/09/18 10:39

Two new remote-controlled transtainer cranes at TDT Livorno

To be installed by 2019 upon an investment worth 3 million Euro

As announced by TDT Terminal Darsena Toscana's Managing Director, Marco Mignogna, alongside latest family open-day, the company handling containers on the western side of namesake quay will be operating two transtainer cranes by 2019.

In essence, two remote controlled unit provided with additional tools to receive motion sensors warnings and prevent containers bumps.

A tender will be shortly called and at least three manufacturer should be submitting their offers.

Mignogna also added that the remote control – handled from tailor-made rooms inside an adjoining building – targets better working conditions for older workers.

TDT envisages also engaging older or close-to-retirement employees to be otherwise turned to other tasks: in essence almost 25-30 workers.

A suitable solution which would prevent any dismissal or outplacement.

This new remote-controlled crane, already implemented abroad, is an unprecedented innovation in Italy.

Gianmaria Frati

TAG : Handling