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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
13/11/17 09:01

Two more big deals for CVS Ferrari

The Italian cargo handling equipment manufacturer delivered 2 specially dressed reach stackers to Brazilian steel mill Companhia Siderurgica Do Atlantico in Rio and 12 reach stackers and must trucks for US client Norfolk Southern

Two specially dressed CVS Ferrari F500.RS5 reach stackers are now the backbone of the slab transportation infrastructure at the Companhia Siderurgica Do Atlantico in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a very large steel mill complex acquired in March 2017 by Ternium (Techint Group) from ThyssenKrupp and Companhia Vale de Rio Doce.

The machines are equipped with a home designed and built Tool Changer and a set of tools that include a Slab Clamp and a Magnet System; both tools can be quickly connected or disconnected on and from the trucks thanks to the hydraulic twist-locks of the Tool Changer and based on the attachment connection the machine on board computer automatically sets the truck load management system and driver’s control to the engaged tool configuration.

The slab clamp is built to handle the slabs that come off the hot mill lines and that reach temperatures that exceeds 900 degrees Celsius and that are up to 2200 mm wide, up to 250 mm thick and that can weigh up to 40 Ton. The magnet system is instead used to despatch with high productivity rates the slabs when they cool down to 300 degrees Celsius or less.

The unique arrangement of the magnet powering and control system is such that the gen-set, spare battery pack and main electric box are located on the chassis in such a way that whilst accessibility is maximized, there is no impact on driver’s front and rear visibility.

Also, US client Norfolk Southern - one of the six North American class one railroads and one of the two large intermodal operators of Central and East United States of America - after having ordered 1 Reach Stacker and 2 Top and Bottom Pick Masted Trucks in 2016, decided to order 12 more machines: 9 nine reach stackers and 3 masted trucks.

The first are all North American Specification model TM581W, a 7.5 m wheelbase size truck that with stabilizers down can handle 31 ton at 21’ load centre (second rail reach), under a spreader with hydraulic pile slope and Wide Top Pick (WTP) function.

The second are a mix of Top and Bottom Pick handlers (model TM553XC) like the two previously delivered to NS and one (model TM554W) equipped with Top Pick spreader with WTP function; TM553XC is a 7,5 metres wheelbase machine with a massive capacity of 36 ton at 2350 mm load centre from the front of the truck and equipped with North American type Combined Top and Bottom Pick spreader that has got foldable legs mounted of the telescopic arms of the spreader.

The 12 trucks, built in the North American configuration specified by Toplift North America, the CVS Ferrari distributor for USA and Canada, are scheduled to be delivered between September 2017 and February 2018.


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