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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
09/10/17 11:32

Trieste increasingly betting on sea-industry relationship

Tv manufacturer Seleco announced landing in the old port while no applications nor authorizations came out. Even railway’s future in port areas is seemingly uncertain

Trieste has been debating about Seleco's new announcement to establish their production and distribution facilities on a state-owned area in the old port.

The TV manufacturer, established in Pordenone in the '60s, affected by a series of  ups and downs, , early this year, under the new ownership – Milan-based Twenty, commercializing electronic devices manufactured in the Far East –  announced their intention to reclaim the Seleco brand and re-launch in-house production relocating to former Electrolux site.

Conversely, a few days ago, the company unveiled their decision to establish in Trieste to take advantage from the enforced special customs regime, while also issuing a press report stating that Port System Authority authorized relocation to Warehouse 5 of Trieste Old Port ahead of schedule so that they could start designing, assembling, storing and marketing the Seleco brand.

As told to  Il Piccolo by Zeno D'Agostino: “relocation was authorized to enable Seleco immediately upgrade the structure and turn it into a manufacturing plant. In a few weeks, once all technical and bureaucratic measures are fulfilled, concession will  be granted”.

According to recurrent statements issued by the President of Port Authority underlining that not only port-logistics enterprises (namely MSC) but also other industrial groups were appealed by the new prerequisites granted by AdSP in relation to the management of Trieste free zones.

However, for the time being, except for ex Wartsila area, currently in progress, no further investments were made.

Neither AdSP nor Municipality's website corroborated having endorsed any application submitted by Seleco while the Authority also confirmed not having received any formal request.

In essence, easier said than done, despite AdsP had announced they were willing to promote the return of production in port areas (Wartsila affair), making clear reference to the concession granted Servola ironworks.

In past days, after a meeting with D'Agostino, Comitato 5 dicembre stated that ironworks in retroport area needed to be turned into a logistic site.

Different options are available: spreading out Molo 8 (logistic platform, Ed) currently under construction; hosting new businesses to be developed by allured foreign investors; being encompassed in a project conceived by Port Authority to produce and distribute bio-energy”.


Regional subsidies granted Autamarocchi, TO Delta, GMT, pilots and mooring operators

Friuli Venezia Giulia regional junta approved the proposal submitted by Regional Minister for Planning and Territory, Mariagrazia Santoro to allocate 1.8 million Euro subsidies to enable private companies to foster the development of combined transport, pursuant to regional law 7/2004.

Namely, Autamarocchi (over 600,000 Euro out of 1.6 million investments); TO Delta subsidiaries: Compagnia Portuale of Monfalcone (588,000 Euro out of 3.4 millions) and Trieste Marine Terminal (345,000 out of 2 millions); Steinweg GMT (158,000 out of 924,000), Pilots Corporation of Trieste (85,000 out of 142,000) and Mooring operators (7,000 out of 41,000).

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