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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
08/07/19 12:19

Trieste-Hungary deal finally sealed

The former Aquila area will turn into the Magyar gateway port

Il presidente dell’AdSP triestina D’Agostino e il Ministro degli Esteri ungherese Péter Szijjártó


As envisaged, Eastern Adriatic Port System Authority supervised latest sale contract sealed by  Hungary Government with Teseco and Seastock private companies; first step towards the construction of a multipurpose terminal in Noghere area. 

Overall investment, encompassing takeover, environmental requalification of ex Aqiula area and project development, will reach 100 million Euro.

“The accord sealed in the presence of Vice-President of the Council of Ministers and Minister for internal affairs, Matteo Salvini, by Hungary Minister for Foreign affairs and Commerce, Péter Szijjártó, by the President of the Julian region, Massimiliano Fedriga and by the President of Eastern Adriatic AdSP, Zeno D’Agostino, will increasingly turn Trieste area – states AdSP – into European strategic hub, shipping and logistic gateway to Continental Europe.

During the last three years, the Julian port, supported by new freight railway concessions, turned into a key element within outstanding logistics chains to/from Hungary (such as the automotive), handling 14 couples of trains/week between Trieste and Budapest.

“Current accord is the final outcome in an enduring complicated negotiation started in autumn 2017, however, the present deal marks the launching of a substantial development plan. The Free Port regime played a key role to convinc e Hungary, which is one of the most frenzy market we are working with”, comments D'Agostino.

The area, provided with 13 metres seabed and particularly committed to Hungary trade,  is supported by a large logistic retro-port area suited for cargo storage and handling.

The deal will also foster the development of trade usually operated in the port, shipping components and logistics businesses.

The area, located south-east of the Julian port and served by railway tracks, covers 320,000 square metres, 60,000 of which owned by Eastern Adriatic AdSP.

“The present accord will help settle few strategic issues, such as the so called SIN (National polluted site) as declared by the Ministry for the Environment and Friuli Venezia Giulia region; allowance to turn the whole or part of the area in a Free Zone;  the upgrade of existing railway tracks. All the above, cooperating with Muggia Municipality to conceive and develop the area”.


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