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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
24/12/18 10:36

Toninelli issued an ultimatum to MCT: “Investments within a month, conversely the concession will be cancelled”

The Italian Minister of Transport, visiting Gioia Tauro, asked MSC and Contship Italia to immediately start re-launching the terminal


The Minister of Transport and Infrastructures essentially launched an evident ultimatum to Medcenter Container Terminal (MCT), company running Gioia Tauro installation: a month time to   start the envisaged investment or the concession will be cancelled.

This message, definitely addressed MSC and Contship Italia, was published by 'Il Corriere della Calabria' when, during his visit to Calabria-based port, Minister Toninelli realized the terminal's development was a total disaster.

In 2017 Gioia Tauro lost 16% traffic and -8% has been recorded in 2018 first semester.

“The accord envisaged clear commitments regarding investments which were never made. We met the interested parties (MSC and Contaship; Ed) last week and gave one month ultimatum, while they must provide clear answers”.

Should these replies, regarding investments, failed to arrive, continued Toninelli – we'll have to cancel the concession”.

There are other interested investors (namely MCT, Ed), should we cancel current concession they it will be adjudicated to other companies that will definitely re-launch Gioia Tauro.