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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
30/07/18 10:20

The Regional Administrative Court warned di Majo: a tendering procedure for cruise passengers within 2019

Medov's appeal against the shuttle system imposed by Civitavecchia Port Authority will be discussed next spring, but in the meantime the body must comply with the provisions of the Italian Transport Regulation Authority

Una delle navette di Port Mobility in servizio nel porto di Civitavecchia

Civitavecchia port's dispute will require several months before its outcome, but in the meantime the Port Authority presided by Francesco Maria di Majo must comply with the requirements imposed to it by the Italian Transport Regulation Authority over 9 months ago.

As a matter of fact, the Port Authority did not manage to keep the promise made to the Transport Regulation Authority to organize, by the end of the year, the tender to assign the shuttle service to transport cruise passengers from ships to the town centre.

In 2004, said service was assigned, without any tendering procedure and on an exclusive basis, to Port Mobility, which was created and controlled by the Port Authority until 2014, when it was transferred to the Azzopardi group.

Over the years, the situation was monitored by the Court of Auditors and by the Transport Regulation Authority, and it recently created disagreements among the Port Authority top managers, but actually nothing has changed.

In fact, last March, when the ship agency Medov launched a transport service for cruise passengers  besides those provided by Port Mobility in partnership with the municipally owned public transport company, the Port Authority issued an order to confirm its former subsidiary's exclusive right, implying, in case of non-observance, the withdrawal of any authorization and the initiation of withdrawal or revocation proceedings.

Medov, Sea Train (50% owned by Medov Civitavecchia managing director Massimo Mensurati) and others appealed against the Port Authority's measure, but the Regional Administrative Court adjourned the discussion on the merits to the public hearing set for April the 3rd 2019. However, the Court's order also specifies that: “in the meantime, the Port Authority is required to start 'the public proceedings to award the shuttle service' as provided for by the Transport Regulation Authority with resolution n. 131 of 31 October 2017”.

Therefore, the body will have to act with no delay.


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