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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
14/05/18 09:29

The Italian Road Haulage Federation and Tirrenia CIN replied to Grimaldi's complaint filed with the Antitrust Authorities

Onorato and Punzi replied to the anti-competitive conduct charges holding that the strike called in Salerno has nothing to do with Grimaldi's competitive lines

Angelo Punzi (FAI)

A few ours after the complaint filed by Grimaldi Euromed with Antitrust Authorities, Ministry of Transports, Campania Region and Central Tyrrhenian Sea Port Authority against the Italian Road Haulage Federation (FAI) for anti-competitive conduct due to the road haulage strike called in the port of Salerno, the counterparties provided a prompt reply.

Onorato Armatori's group, controlling Tirrenia CIN, informed Ship2Shore that “the complaint for unfair competition filed by a competitor shipowner, through a third party, is unprecedented in the Italian legal scenario. Accusing a road haulage association to carry out a legitimate protest at the request of a shipping group is paradoxical, especially as the group that filed said complaint against the Italian Road Haulage Federation, accusing Cin Tirrenia of having influenced the road haulage association, has strong relations with the same federation that it slanderously accused of being incapable of taking autonomous decisions”.

Likewise, Italian Road Haulage Federation's regional secretary Angelo Punzi declared: “The 5-days strike that we called well in advance on May the 3rd 2018 is due to the critical situation of the port of Salerno”.

The Italian Road Haulage Federation explained also that the road hauliers of the port of Salerno announced the 5-days lock-out (from May the 21st to the 25th) of port import-export services from and to the port of Salerno since road conditions do not ensure travelling personnel safety, uncontrolled parking along the orbital road within the port hinders the regular flow of heavy vehicles and the slowness of terminal import-export operations make it impossible to comply with the European laws pursuant to the EU regulations 561/2006 and 165/2014 related to working hours and hauliers' driving time and rest periods”.    

Punzi also pointed out that “Fabrizio Palenzona is not the Italian Road Haulage Federation's President; the lock-out called on May the 3rd 2018 is not a national strike, rather it is a local strike due to the situation within the port of Salerno. With its complaint, Grimaldi showed that they did not understand the reasons for the Italian Road Haulage Federation's lock-out in Salerno”.

A solution to this dispute exists as, during ALIS's (Italian Logistics and Sustainable Intermodality Association) last meeting held in Sorrento, Grimaldi Group Managing Director Emanuele Grimaldi explained that his company is interested in operating its connection with Catania from the port of Naples, provided that it can work in a port terminal under concession, not at a state quay, and Port Authority president Pietro Spirito declared that he is trying to satisfy said request.

Nicola Capuzzo

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