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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
03/09/18 10:35

The Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports is planning a transparency measure also for ports

As for the motorway sector, the Ministry is evaluating the possibility to publish the agreements with Italian terminal concessionaires

It took almost twenty years and the tragic Morandi Bridge collapse for the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports to publish all the details of the agreements signed by the Italian Government with the concessionaires of the Italian motorway network.

Apparently, the Italian Government is planning to take the same measure as concerns all the other infrastructures granted in concession to private operators, especially port ones. “We are discussing about it, but we need to understand how to act because port concessions are controlled by Port Authorities”, a spokesman of the Minister Danilo Toninelli explained to Ship2Shore.

Following the liberalisation of the sector, a few years before the motorway one (with the law 84 of 1994), Italian quays were gradually entrusted to private operators. However, also due to the non-enactment of the ministerial regulation provided for by the law 84/94, the process was far more discontinuous, thus hindering transparency.

As a matter of fact, knowing contractual details concerning relations between the Italian State and the various concessionaires terminal operators on a systematic basis (characteristics of the single areas, concession fees and their related calculation methods, investment plans, duration of the concessions and related capital remuneration rate, calculation methods of the tariffs applied by concessionaires, etc...) is impossible. Moreover, public access procedures are unwieldy, also due to the complexity of the related law (33/2013) – made worse with its amendment in 2016 – and there are no centralized monitoring or evaluation mechanisms.

Therefore, the only exceptions depend on single Port Authorities, which provide only lists of concessionaires terminal operators. The Genoese Port Authority published a summary of the concessionaires including also some relevant details about the concession, in particular its fees. The body provided us, upon request, with the updated version of said summary (2017), which was not published, while we have been waiting for months to receive the same document related to the port of Savona (which passed under the jurisdiction of the same Port Authority in 2016). Will Toninelli's transparency measure arrive before it?

Andrea Moizo