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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
09/07/18 11:05

Taranto Multipurpose quay: Yildirim finally shuffled cards

Turkish giant terminal operator submitted an application for the whole area and urges AdSP to suspend the procedure started with former four applicants

Definitely confirming latest rumours published by Lo Jonio, the Ionian Sea Port Authority announced they received an “application for being granted a concession on the whole Multipurpose Quay (except for Calata 5 and retroport areas), all equipment and/or installation, from Turkey-based YilPort Holding (Yildrim)”.

Subsequently, President Sergio Prete, once attained green light from the Managing Committee, ordered to suspend the “procedure started with competitive dialogue on former applications until final result, due to the application submitted by YilPort Holding, to subsequently take due measures aimed at maintening public interest services”.

The so called competitive dialogue was introduced by AdSP last May to compare the proposals submitted by four groups interested in launching various port businesses at Polisettoriale, mega terminal which has been unemployed over the last years, after Taranto Container Terminal's departure: South Marine Gate (consortium also partecipated by TO Delta, holding shares in TCT), Southgate Europe Terminal, Taras Terminal and Taranto Multipurpose Terminal.

“None of the submitted offers would likely guarantee the complete exploitation of the whole area under concession; furthermore, considering several state-owned properties were not encompassed in the concession it is in fact necessary to find proper solutions aimed at optimizing port areas engagement while minimizing mutual hindrances and granting operations at Multipurpose terminal”, evaluated AdSP.

Little chance is left to all other pools having to compete against such a huge offer which would grant AdSP they won't leave any of their properties unemployed besides being represented by a renowned group like  Yildirim, introduced by the institution as the “thirteenth port terminal operator globally, also controlling 24% shares in CMA CGM, third containers maritime carrier in the world” (which lately visited the Apulian port).

Taranto multipurpose terminal – states the report submitted by AdSP – “covers 100 ha, with 1.8 km + 300 m quay, moreover, the terminal is already fitted with storage areas and handling equipment, which could be temporarily hired or taken over.

Yildirim's application hasn't been published yet, however “purpose of the request – AdSP's said – is freight trade and logistics development, particularly containers, ro-ro and various commodities handling, envisaging soaring volumes which exceed the highest terminal capacity.

The company stated that volumes increase will be supported by significant economic/financial investments and jobs development.