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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
22/07/19 10:45

Taranto: Guacci’s tackle on Yilport’s concession failed

The appeal filed by the Consortium Southgate Europe Terminal against the tender and the granting of the Multipurpose pier to the Turkish group on the Puglia Port Authority’s part was rejected

The rejection of the pending appeal related to the tender and to its conclusion definitely favoured the granting of the concession for the Multipurpose Pier to the Turkish group Yildirim by the Port Authority of Taranto.

Said rejection was recently announced by the Regional Administrative Court of Lecce.

Having already rejected the request for suspension, Puglia administrative judges pronounced their judgement about the action brought by the consortium Southgate Europe Terminal.

Out of the four entities which between 2017 and 2018 submitted various proposals to the Port Authority to relaunch port activities in the Multipurpose Pier –abandoned in 2015 by its former concessionaire Taranto Container Terminal – the one headed by Guglielmo Guacci has been the most hardened against the body.

The latter was opposed by the SET right after the closing of the competitive dialogue procedure with the aforesaid 4 groups without any assignments, due to the application submitted by the Yildirim group.

The Port Authority had reserved this right in the call for competition issued in January 2018: “The Port Authority shall be entitled to conclude the comparison between the applications pursuant to Article 37 of the Code of Navigation without having to regard any of the applications submitted as compliant with the requirements and with the objectives related to this call, and the participants shall have no right to claim any indemnity or compensation, nor reimbursement of expenses incurred”.

In any case, the Regional Administrative Court decreed the inadmissibility of SET’s initial appeal due to its late action against the public notice issued by the Port Authority on August the 3rd 2018 to announce the application submitted by Yilport, specifying its characteristics (especially the use of the entire facility) and inviting any possible competitors to submit their applications.

Moreover, it regarded the additional grounds as “inadmissible due to lack of interest/legitimation with regard to the acts related to the granting of the state property to the company Yilport Holding AS and to the other acts that are incompatible with them, due to the failure on the part of the Consortium to take part in the selection procedure launched with the aforesaid Public Notice issued on August the 3rd 2018”.

As it did not take part in the tender, SET is not allowed to challenge its outcome.

Meanwhile, Yildirim Holding is getting ready to sign.

A few months ago, the public limited company Terminal San Cataldo – a 100% subsidiary of its namesake company under Dutch law (which, in turn, is a subsidiary of Yilport International Holding), headed by a Board of Directors chaired by Yuksel Yildirim and including Blauert Christian and Ates Serdar – was incorporated in Milan.


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