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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
04/11/19 09:50

San Giorgio del Porto to move to make room for Zena Cruise Terminal

The shipbuilding company is thought to have asked the Genoa Port Authority to relocate to the industrial quay in order to turn Calata Gadda into Costa Crociere’s home terminal

Zena Cruise Terminal project – established by Costa Crociere (40%), Costa Edutainment (20%) and San Giorgio del Porto (40%) to create a marine terminal devoted to the Carnival group’s company in the port of Genoa – does not provide for the decommissioning of the shipbuilding activities of the company within Genova Industrie Navali group. However, since part of the area where SGDP currently works will be affected by the change of its intended use, the workshop will be transferred.

The parties did not provide information, nor did the Port Authority of Genoa which, although it is the public body responsible for planning and managing port areas, did not explain an operation which would transform a very important part of the port.

According to Ship2Shore’s sources, SGDP is planning to move to the industrial quay, following the filling of the related stretch of water, to create an area without continuity solution with the one which is currently granted under concession to the Mariotti shipyard, a subsidiary of GIN. However, if the Port Authority approves the plan, we still do not know how they will handle concessionary relations with third parties working in the areas, nor who will pay for the works.

The answer might also depend on another issue, because the industrial quay is included in the concession granted to Ente Bacini. In a couple of weeks, the Council of State will issue a judgement about the appeal of the Port Authority against the ruling of the Ligurian Regional Administrative Court, which had annulled the privatisation tender concerning the company which manages dry docks in the port and the neighbouring areas. The tender had been awarded to a cartel including Amico, Fincantieri and GIN.

According to rumours, the cartel already informed the Port Authority of its intention to waive, also in case of judicial success of the body. This decision resulted in the idea – the Port Authority never confirmed it – to renounce the privatization and to transfer a share (40% according to the newspaper Il Secolo XIX) to the Liguria Region in order to get round the law 175/2016 (consolidated act governing public companies), based on which, in 2017, the Port Authority had resolved upon the unavoidable disposal of the majority stake of the company.

Therefore, Ente Bacini’s fate will depend on San Giorgio del Porto. As concerns investments in Genoa, the latter might take into consideration a disposal or a reorganization of an activity amounting to 135 direct jobs, besides its satellite activities, in favour of its Marseille plant.


Andrea Moizo

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