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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
14/05/18 09:47

Saipem is targeting further 14 years at Adriaterminal Trieste

The contractor applied for the renewal of concession in the Old port, where it already established a centre to manufacture underwater robotic equipment​

Saipem established their operational headquarters in Trieste for testing underwater robots – ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles), drones and other equipment for the offshore industry, thus targetting being located in this area for further 16 years.

The Italian contractor applied for the renewal of concession by submitting an application before Port System Authority of the Eastern Adriatic and, based on the document recently published on the Official Journal, –  “overall 27,000 square metres area on the North side of Adriaterminal in Trieste Old Free Zone, also encompassing warehouse 23 to establish a robotic facility for equipment's assemblage and maintenance, underwater vehicles' testing and staff training”.

The existing concession will expire in 2020 and Saipen asked for an extension until 2034 so as to develop the project on which San Donato Milanese-based company already invested 3 million Euro last year.

Furthermore, Saipem preserves the Offset installation equipment (Oie) in warehouse 23; it's a sort of capping to be installed in emergency situations to prevent oil spills in oil fields.

This unique system was commissioned by Oil Spill Response ltd (Osrl), British consortium established by some majors operating in the oil & gas sector, leaders in drilling services, and designed by Saipem in collaboration with local companies Cartubi and Depretto.

Besides Saipem, also Steinweg GMT operates at Adriaterminal, only area in Trieste Old Port still committed to industrial operations, and their concession will expire in 2022.

This site reached limelight last year, when MSC Crociere's executive Chairman Pierfrancesco Vago showed his interest in establishing their own cruise terminal in the Julian port.

Many analysts pinpointed that the most suitable area was Adriaterminal for its vicinity to the centre of town and major tourist sites.

While evaluating Saipem's application, the authority's management will have to conceive the future of this structure.


Francesco Bottino