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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
23/03/20 10:57

PSA Pra’ Terminal to slow down operations

New operating methods were adopted to comply with the guidelines drawn up by the Port Authority in order to contain coronavirus epidemic

Following the tensions of last week, when the workers of the terminal protested and demanded safe work conditions, urging the Port Authority to draw up guidelines - which were prepared last week – the major terminal of the port of Genoa, i.e. PSA Pra’ recently announced its decisions in a note.

In order to contain the spread of coronavirus, they opted for “the temporary reduction of the production aiming at limiting the presence of workers, though maintaining site operations”. In particular, the measures adopted include: “Ship cycle: a maximum of 4 work teams will be operating for each shift; railway cycle: a maximum of 1 work team will be operating for each shift; freight cycle/gate: for exports, the acceptance of the cargo of the second ship of each service will depend on the end of commercial operations of the first ship; no limitation is provided for importations; maximum hourly flow at Freights and Gate of 80 trucks/hour”.

Moreover, “said actions are implemented in order to avoid the total blocking of the activities of the Terminal, while supporting the national logistics chain in the best way possible, and safeguarding the health of its employees and of all the persons accessing PSA’s site for work purposes”.