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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
09/07/18 12:20

Private companies and haulage contractors join together against VTE

Workers unions and Haulage Associations call a 5-day works stoppage against operational delays at Genoa-based terminal

Some of the leading Haulage Associations (CNA-Fita, Confartigianato Trasporti, Fai Conftrasporto and Trasportounito) and workers Unions (Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti) have called a 5-day  service stoppage from July 12th to 17th (the former opted for 5 days while the latter would rather end on July 14th) to demonstrate against  the significant handling delays during loading/discharge operations at Genoa-based terminal.

Primarily accusing VTE and Sea Port Authority (although also turning to Assiterminal, Spediporto and Assagenti and complaining against the whole port), while also recalling the 3-day strike called last March and subsequently cancelled due to (unfulfilled) guarantees provided by the terminal, the list of complaints shows: “Expensive waiting times for containers loading/discharge operations in the terminal, liability claim for containers' cleaning, unsuitably stacked-up containers, no extra-payment for workers during loading/discharge waiting hours, lack of services and refreshment areas”.

In essence, the same reasons given by Haulage Associations (Trasportounito evaluated overall 10 million Euro loss suffered by haulage companies for delays occurred at VTE, not including subsequent consequences affecting the whole supply chain), which, besides calling the aforementioned strike, are also asking to start “negotiations to seal an accord among AdSP, Institutions, Operators and Haulage companies, also envisaging compensation for waiting time cost; operating/waiting time electronic traceability and monitoring throughout the whole operation; procedures, terms and evaluation of compensation for damaged haulier contractors. VTE is also required to finally sort out all operational problems in the terminal”.