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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
06/05/19 11:11

Porto Livorno 2000 taken over by Onorato

Livorno Terminal newco (participated by MSC) has turned into Leghorn-based terminal operator's majority-partner, while the duration of concession still has to be determined

Four years after the tender and two after original adjudication, the privatization of Porto Livorno 2000  – company managing passengers traffic in the port, 72.8% controlled  by AdSP and 18.2% by local Chamber of Commerce - is finally over.

Livorno Terminals newco, purposely established by Onorato group ten days ago  - 60% controlled by Sinergest (Onorato group's subsidiary managing Olbia passengers terminal), 10% by LTM (Onorato group), 5% by Moby, 25% by Marinvest (MSC group) – took over 66% share capital in Porto Livorno 2000, whose left 34% is still controlled by AdSP and local Chamber of Commerce.

According to the deed, signed before legal adviser Stefano Puccini, by AdSP's Commissioner, Pietro Verna, by Riccardo Breda, President of Maremma and Tirreno Chamber of Commerce and by Matteo Savelli, Toremar's Managing Director, Livorno Terminals' special counselor and already appointed President of Porto Livorno 2000, the group will operate in port sector as well as shipping transport.

Final offer submitted by the Temporary Association of Enterprises established by Onorato and MSC (subsequently turned into Livorno Terminals), which reached 10.74 million versus original 8 million base bid, plus 91 million Euro investment plan in 30 years, was the best out of three  received by the local Authority (the others were submitted by  Creuers of Barcelona Port joint venture with Aloschi Bros and by CFG Cruise&Ferry Group, temporary association between Costa Crociere and Grimaldi group), pursuant to provisional adjudication dated July 2017, to subsequently proceed with final adjudication 12 months later.

Finally, the authority transferred Livorno Terminals majority shares in Porto Livorno 2000 and next week AdSP and Livorno Terminals will meet to evaluate the 91 million investment plan which was in fact conceived envisaging 30 years concession, pursuant to original tender.