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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
01/10/18 10:56

Panalpina ready to expand its network in Italy

Chiellino and Poggi illustrated the group's new growth strategy focused on ports expanding their marketing network

Yuri Poggi

Panalpina targets increasing its market share in air and sea freight transport being also supported by   new branches in the country.

“Exports from Italy are far higher than imports: air freight exports are 5 times higher, while sea freight exports doubles imports”, stated Stefan Karlen, President and Managing Director at Panalpina, who purposely landed from Basel to celebrate the company's 80-year anniversary.

“We currently reach 3% market share on air transport and 1% on sea shipments, while logistics on behalf of third parties still show large growing margins.

Furthermore Panalpina's number one also announced that “fashion enterprises are asking to deliver their products directly to final destinations, by-passing logistic hubs.

We collect products at manufacturing sites or warehouses in Italy and handle last-mile deliveries to  Hong Kong-based store providing unpacked goods”.

In current e-commerce era speed is a key element and a way to speed up transport services targets by-passing logistic hubs at destination and, in case of shipments to Hong Kong, being supported by direct flights from Milan-Malpensa.

Next November and December three charter flights, purposely arranged by Panalpina, will depart from Northern Italian airports to handle peak exports before Christmas.

Furthermore, country manager Giuseppe Chiellino, announced that the Swiss group envisages launching further branches in Italy: “We are evaluating Puglia, Marche, Friuli and Trentino, Piedmont etc”

Chiellino also announced the company's ambitious growth plans, “we wish to change our market share turning into a reliable logistic operator and in order to make such investment in both directions; we'll be training our staff and recruit new skilled workers, in the meantime we'll also upgrade infrastructures and logistics”.

Regarding sea transport Yuri Poggi, helm at Panalpina Seafreight division illustrated that in 2018 we are recording very positive results both in sea and air freight: “Our strategy aimed at focusing on some specific routes was successful and we particularly focus on export to North America and import from the Far East”.



Regarding commodities, perishable goods (food and beverage, pharmaceuticals etc..) still represents Panalpina's core business even in Italy.

“We are ranked fourth sea freight forwarder globally and we'll keep this result even in 2018 having recorded 1.5 million shipped TEU. In Italy we are implementing remarkable growth plans”, continued Poggi.

“Sea freight rates are still rather poor, shipping companies are ailing and so is the market. We envisage forthcoming freight rate increase in the next months, bunker price soared and shipowners have to tackle far higher costs”.

Finally, Panalpina particularly pivots on Genoa port and “I wish to confirm that despite Morandi bridge collapse we are still maintaining the same figures as before. Spezia is also an important hub, we are increasing volumes in Naples and are particularly interested in Civitavecchia”, said the manager.

Panalpina particularly bets on central Italy because “it is geographically located in between Leghorn and Naples and Lazio region is a remarkable manufacturing area, particularly for pharmaceutical products. Panalpina, in partnership with other airfreight transport colleagues, is operating very well in the region and consequently Civitavecchia port is going at full steam”.

Panalpina is headquartered in Cerro Maggiore (Milan) and controls five branches in Genoa, Bologna, Florence, Vicenza and Rome, besides Lugano.

The group is recruiting 180 workers in Italy and recorded 150 millions turnover in 2017.

The three larger facilities are located in Cerro Maggiore (17,500 square metres), Bologna (1,500) and Lugano (4,100).

Nicola Capuzzo