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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
15/07/19 10:07

Euroports has been officially sold

The holding which controls 26 port terminal and inland terminal has been acquired by a joint venture led by Monaco Resources Group (through R-Logitech) and participated by two Belgian funds

01/07/19 11:58

Hungary to conquer Trieste

The double agreement related to the sale (subject to reclamation) of former Aquila 34 hectares area for the creation of a multipurpose terminal will be concluded on July the 5th Also a leading European company is interested in the Logistics Platform, while Anapo aims at bunkering services

01/07/19 11:27

Leghorn: Lorenzini-MSC's containerization received the green light

The terminal will be able to handle mainly containers until two months after the publication of the contract notice for the Europa Platform, while the Port Authority is continuing the expropriation procedure regarding former Trinseo areas, with the related dispute with Sintermar

25/06/19 11:48

Ocean entrusted with bunkering in Trieste

Giuliana Bunkeraggi’s business division was leased for 10 months. Meanwhile, the Court of Review reinstated the disqualification for its former managing director Franco Napp