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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
04/03/19 15:02

The Port of Livorno might be placed under administration

The Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports initiated the procedure following the disqualification from public (port) offices of president Corsini and secretary general Provinciali, accused, with others, of having favoured Grimaldi and its affiliates

04/03/19 09:32

Ongoing demerger for Bogazzi’s group

With a view to the possible disposal to F2I, assets worth 53.3 million euro, including port businesses, were transferred to the newco Porto di Carrara Immobiliare

25/02/19 12:29

Hungary chose Trieste as its gateway to the sea

The Budapest government is negotiating the concession of the public part and the acquisition of the private part of the former Aquila areas: Venezia -Giulia port outdid Koper in Viktor Orban’s preferences

25/02/19 12:28

Road transport industry gathered in Verona and moved towards organized logistics, taking on a right-wing political connotation

Transpotec 2019 – attended by ALIS’ forces (while Turin-Lyon high speed railway supporters are protesting against the Italian government) and in contrast with the traditional array controlled by FAI-Contrasporto – follows in the steps of market evolution and of the transformation of professional categories in the transport sector

19/02/19 10:01

New President at Arkas Holding

In January 2019 Ozgur Kalelioglu has been appointed at the helm of the Turkish corporation owned by Lucien Arkas

18/02/19 11:14

Uncertainties continue about cruises in Venice

“Large ships out of the Lagoon”: the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports boasts about the unity of purpose with companies which, though denying it, are about to start the eighth post-Concordia season without any substantial changes

18/02/19 10:14

Digitization in the container logistics sector in search of greater growth

Message from the experts in Canton Ticino about 'dystonia' between the 4.0 and container industries, with a critical look at 50 years of containerization Ravano (DSP Lugano): "We need to conduct a more in-depth discussion on three key elements: the machine, the process and the system automations"