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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Chiuso 23/03/20 10:57

PSA Pra’ Terminal to slow down operations

New operating methods were adopted to comply with the guidelines drawn up by the Port Authority in order to contain coronavirus epidemic

Chiuso 23/03/20 10:35

Also Greece stopped passenger ferries from and to Italy

Only trailers and their drivers are allowed to disembark in Greek ports

Chiuso 23/03/20 10:29

The cry of the world shipping and port community

Joint open letters to United Nations agencies, Ministers, companies from the global maritime transport industry

Chiuso 20/03/20 10:04

The Court of Cassation decreed that Italian Port Authorities fees are not subject to taxation

Fees are neither corporate incomes nor land incomes, rather “amounts paid to carry out activities falling within institutional purposes”

Chiuso 20/03/20 10:01

Italian anti-virus transport decree is ready

Compared to its draft, the Decree-Law reduced the exemption from anchorage duties, it cancelled the strengthening of the marebonus/ferrobonus incentives and it deferred the contributions to the Transport Regulation Authority. The Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance implemented a direct measure to support Fincantieri

Chiuso 20/03/20 09:52

The UK rethinks it and tries to tackle the emergency

The reactions of rail transport and shipping to the coronavirus threat

Chiuso 16/03/20 11:30

Israeli business as usual for Bedeschi

The cooperation extends: new project implies 2 Vackem conveyors for Ashdod Port

Chiuso 16/03/20 11:22

Tunisia suspended all passenger ferries from and to Italy

The last ferry arrived in La Goulette from Palermo on March the 10th: 268 passengers are in quarantine. Also Croatia closed its ports

Chiuso 16/03/20 11:12

Genoa drew up its guidelines and PSA Pra’ terminal finally resumed operations

The document was approved also by trade unions and by the Trade Unions Representatives of the terminal, which resumed import/export operations and implemented measures to prevent truck drivers from gathering

Chiuso 16/03/20 10:41

Port work and coronavirus: the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transports failed to provide clear directives

Each Port Authority interpreted the Government’s general directives independently, but not all workers are reassured: operations were suspended again at PSA Pra’ terminal in Genoa

Chiuso 16/03/20 10:37

A hospital ship might be deployed in the ports of Genoa and Palermo to tackle Covid-19

The shipowner Aponte is willing to provide the ferries of MSC’s subsidiary GNV, and also Moby is ready to provide its vessels. However the fitting out of ships will not be easy due to ventilation issues. Costs will be incurred by the Italian Civil Protection Department

Chiuso 16/03/20 10:21

Another Italian cruise ship in quarantine: Costa Magica was stopped in Martinique

Due to possible coronavirus cases onboard, the local prefecture ordered it to stop 3 miles off the coast of Fort-de-France

Chiuso 16/03/20 10:14

Shipowners warned that “Italy’s food supplies are at risk”

Assarmatori and Confitarma (together with Federagenti) warned: “Many colleagues reject transport agreements providing for calls at Italian ports”

Chiuso 16/03/20 09:18

Albania closed the port of Durrës to ferries arriving from Italy

The connections with Trieste and Ancona were suspended due to Covid-19. Also air connections between the two Countries were stopped

Chiuso 09/03/20 09:45

Gabriele Volpi took over Interporto di Venezia and Marghera-based Terminal Intermodale Adriatico

The initial investment amounts to some 20 million euro through the company River Docks, within the Orlean Invest Holding group. The 50 employees under administration since 2013 can finally breathe a sigh of relief

Chiuso 09/03/20 09:37

Phillips 66 and Trafigura form joint venture

Bluewater Texas Terminal to develop an offshore deepwater port project located east of the entrance to the Port of Corpus Christi

Chiuso 09/03/20 08:50

Coronavirus: GNV’s Rhapsody and Majestic crews in confinement in Genoa and Naples

One North-African passenger who had travelled on the Italian ferry tested positive in Tunis. Before the news, the crew had been transferred to other ships

Chiuso 05/03/20 11:25

Becce is finally back home

The experienced Italian manager, who worked in many ports worldwide, has been hired by Vecon Venice and might aimi at a more prestigious role

Chiuso 05/03/20 11:19

The first destination of Belleli’s super barge will be China

The Mastro Peppe 1895, named after the founder of the Walter Tosto Group, was manufactured ‘in house’ by the Mantua-based company by assembling two decommissioned barges

Chiuso 02/03/20 10:36

Vado Gateway to prevent possible infected customers and road hauliers from entering the terminal

The management of the terminal requires them to provide a statement in order to certify that during the 14 days before their arrival they did not visit outbreak areas. Logtainer inland terminal Rubiera (Reggio Emilia) implemented similar measures