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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
20/05/19 14:54

Onorato to attack self-handling (and GNV)

The shipowner's tribute to port labour - also targeting Grimaldi in Savona – was appreciated by the dock workers company CULMV

Vincenzo Onorato

Besides continuing his fight against Italian seafarers and Grimaldi Group, Vincenzo Onorato, helm at Onorato Armatori and Moby,  started a new dispute against self-handling on quay, particularly focusing on Grandi Navi Veloci (namely his partner in Assarmatori and Confcommercio, Gianluigi Aponte. 

While introducing in Genoa the new ro-ro ship, Maria Grazia Onorato, recently delivered by German Flensburg shipyard to be engaged on the Genoa – Leghorn – Catania – Malta link, the entrepreneur once again attacked shipowners recruiting extra-EU seafarers, but also his partner and potential financial supporter: “If shipping companies serving the Genoa – Olbia link would stop in Bastia, they could board extra-EU seafarers. I denounced one of my colleagues and they are seemingly sorting out the matter, nevertheless, other shipowners are so arrogant to talk about self-handling”.

Twenty years ago (in Genoa, Ed) port-handling workers (the so called camalli) were about 6,000, while today they are 1000.

Self-handling means that seafarers undertake port handling operations. In case of foreign, but also Italian, ships port services will be provided by extra-EU workers, paid 100-200 dollars/month.

“If this is globalization, it's a misery. Shall we destroy ports as well? Port workers in Genoa will become two or 300. A strong and firm political reponse should sort out this problem. Setting Genoa port back in the heart of Mediterranean trade and most of all bringing back jobs”.

The attack is essentially hitting Grimaldi Group, operating in-house production in Savona and unexpectedly also Grandi Navi Veloci, which recently fought a dispute against workers union for having attempted to spur self-handling in Genoa and Naples.

In essence Onorato directly attacks Gianluigi Aponte, his companion in Assarmatori, particularly surprising the helm of CULMV, Giovanni Benvenuti.

Alongside the ceremony on board Tirrenia's new ship, also attended by Liguria Governor Giovanni Toti, Benvenuti thanked Onorato for his tribute to labour, stating that port workers should continue acting as port workers and seafares as seafarers”.

Corroborating the fact that Moby and Tirrenia's helm was talking about GNV and Grimaldi, Benvenuti also added that Grimaldi's self-handling services in Savona ensued from a former accord which could anyway be cancelled, particularly considering that being controlled by a sole Port Authority, Genoa regulations should be also enforced in Savona.

Matteo Catani, Managing Director at Grandi Navi Veloci, also attended the ceremony and, maybe not by chance, left the ship after Benvenuti's speech.


Nicola Capuzzo

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