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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
23/04/19 11:21

Onorato is ready to enter the automotive sector

A joint venture was established with German company Ars Altmann, with headquarters and terminal in Piombino

The new joint venture between within the Onorato Armatori Group and German automotive giant Ars Altmann – boasting branches across Europe and having two subsidiaries in Italy, i.e. STA Servizi Trasporti Autoveicoli and Tra.De Trasporti e Depositi, where it also manages two logistics centres in Piadena (Cremona) and Lonato (Brescia) – was named MANTA (Moby Ars New Terminal Auto).

Tra.De managing director Licia Gherardini will be at the helm of the newco with Massimo Ringoli, manager of the Onorato Group automotive division. For now, the newco is headquartered at the seat of Tuscany Terminal, the terminal operator concessionaire of the Gaetano Pecoraro quay in Piombino, of which Moby acquired a share one and a half years ago.

In light of  Manta Logistics’ recent presentation to the Tuscan Region, it is very likely that the new joint venture will occupy part of the new port areas in Piombino, at the Northern Dock, which was created with the contribution of the Region, although no applications for the concession of port areas have been submitted to the Port Authority of Livorno and Piombino. According to the newspaper Il Tirreno, the area in question extends over 300,000 sm and the investment for the newco amounts to17 million euro for its first stage.

This is an important transaction for Onorato. In fact, with the support of Ars Altmann – a player dealing directly with automotive companies (such as BMW, Opel, Audi) – Onorato is determined to challenge the Livorno automotive sector – mostly controlled by its competitor Grimaldi Group – from Livorno.


Andrea Moizo