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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
25/06/19 11:48

Ocean entrusted with bunkering in Trieste

Giuliana Bunkeraggi’s business division was leased for 10 months. Meanwhile, the Court of Review reinstated the disqualification for its former managing director Franco Napp

Giuliana Bunkeraggi business lease, which was auctioned within the composition procedure initiated after it was put under liquidation, was awarded to Ocean, belonging to the Trieste-based Cattaruzza family’s group and carrying out various shipping activities (including port towage with Tripmare, the joint-venture with Rimorchiatori Riuniti group).

The notice issued by the Court of Trieste at the beginning of May provided that the lessee undertook to pay a monthly fee of at least 5,100 euro for 10 months, and that it took part in the competition procedure for the sale of the leased business division, offering at least 1.6 million euro. Ocean also meet the necessary requirements (activity carried out in the past three years in the oil products   maritime transport sector; financial capacity inferable from its tax returns for sole traders for the past three years, or a net equity of at least 0.5 million euro inferable from the approved financial statements for the last year).

The business division transferred to Ocean includes 3 tugboats, 8 barges, the (non-exclusive) bunkering concessions granted by Trieste and Monfalcone Coast Guards, the concession related to the towage of floating units in the port of Trieste granted by the Trieste Coast Guards, with the undertaking to hire 1 employee already working for Giuliana Bunkeraggi s.p.a. and dismissed following the collective redundancy for the leased business division.

Other assets belonging to Giuliana Bunkeraggi will probably be auctioned in upcoming weeks, including its stake in TAMI. Its share of over 17% of the company owning 60% of TTP – Trieste Terminal Passeggeri (with the Port Authority holding the remaining 40%), in light of the MSC Crociere's entry into its shareholding structure (36% acquired from Unicredit; joining Costa Crociere with 33% and Generali with 11%), might play a crucial role in controlling Trieste marine terminal.

Meanwhile, the Court of Review, having upheld the appeal of the Office of the Public Prosecutor, reinstated the disqualification from company offices for Franco Napp, Giuliana and TTP former managing director, as well as of its Trieste-based subsidiary Depositi Costieri, whose bankruptcy affected also its parent company with its top management (bankruptcy investigation and fraudulent accounting). However, the order will enter into force only after the outcome of the appeal to the Court of Cassation.

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