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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
27/12/17 11:12

MSC targets the ‘seventh module’ at VTE

Forthcoming agreement between the global carrier and Genoa-based terminal operator aimed at expanding the port westward, thus increasing berths and containers areas so as to foster volumes growth

Una veduta aerea da Ponente del Voltri Terminal Europa

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company, world’s second largest shipping company, asked VTE Voltri Terminal Europa a berth in Genoa-Prà.

While recently attending a meeting in Genoa, Gianluigi Aponte, helm of Genève-based group, confirmed he would have pushed for greater cooperation between his group and VTE, while also confirming that they hadn't outlined any shared strategies.

However, during latest meeting of Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority AdSP, MSC and VTE (controlled by PSA, also joining partnership with Aponte in other countries and particularly in Antwerp) seemed to be already negotiating an accord so that ships controlled by the Swiss global carrier would be growing volumes in Prà.

AdSP Secretary General Marco Sanguineri confirmed that MSC had seemingly asked to add a new 7th module specially committed to the company.

AdSP President Paolo Emilio Signorini told Ship2Shore that: “MSC is clearly showing they intend growing in Genoa; therefore we should focus on the terminal which can currently provide larger services, namely VTE. Subsequently, when available in a few years, also Calata Bettolo”.

Signorini also added that the shipping company “needs new areas and quays and that's the reason why an extra module is required and not only. The agreement allegedly concerns several operating aspects, therefore, making particular reference to forthcoming trading growth, they need to know whether VTE will be capable to serve larger volumes within a reasonable time. The new module would be spreading westward, where Stradeblu and T-Link ro-ro companies operated  until a few years ago.

“VTE is evaluating to strengthen operations westward by creating new quays” confirmed Signorini. “On the eastern side, where flying restrictions are higher, they aim at developing stacking operations”.

Nicola Capuzzo