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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
13/11/17 09:13

MSC brings the service to South America back to Leghorn

Gianluigi Aponte welcomes 8,800 TEUs MSC Vita in the Tuscany port

MSC returned to Leghorn with a direct service to South America (also calling in Italy at VTE Genoa and Gioia Tauro) from which - according to local press - until a couple of weeks ago, the port seemed to have been excluded.

Moreover, the newly-revived service engaged the MSC Vita, 8,800 TEUS, 300 metres in length and 48.24 in breadth, which is currently the largest ship ever accommodated at Lorenzini Terminal of Darsena Toscana, Leghorn, where she arrived in the morning.

A further outstanding event was the presence of Gianluigi Aponte, number one of MSC group, who thanked the President of local AdSP, Corsini, and Harbour's Masters Captain, Giuseppe Tarzia.

“If Corsini and Tarzia hadn't authorized the berthing of MSC Vita at Darsena Toscana – Aponte said – Leghorn would have lost 20% containers trade. Other ports should be daring and determined as Leghorn institutions taking them as an example”.

Meanwhile Enio Lorenzini proudly reported that: “We brought back to Leghorn a business we had previously lost. We made it and I wish to thank Harbour's Masters, Adsp, Pilots and tugboat operators for their excellent performance”.

The route to South America, originally operated in partnership with different liners, is currently only run by MSC on a weekly basis.


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