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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
26/11/18 11:35

Molo Polisettoriale di Taranto was finally adjudicated to Yilport

AdSP's Management Committee accepted the application for concession submitted by the Turkish group last July

As confirmed by AdSP Ionian Sea Port Authority, Yilport group, 100% controlled by Yildirim Holding AS, was adjudicated a 49-year concession on Taranto-based Molo Polisettoriale - excluding Calata 5 and retroport areas – thus accepting the application submitted by the Turkish group last July 3rd, subsequently completed in two further steps, on July 24th and November 12th

The decision was made after “the Permanent Commission issued positive assessment” particularly also   considering “the high relevance of the applying company and their huge operational market share they”.

AdSP's decision to start evaluating the application submitted by Yilport while simultaneously disrupting the competitive dialogue procedure started with the first four applicants  - Southgate Europe Terminal, South Marine Gate, Taras and ATI Taranto Multipurpose Terminal – caused great turmoil in the Apulian port, inducing one of the four competing groups, Southgate Europe Terminal, to appeal to Lecce TAR asking for cancellation (and precautionary suspension) of the provision.

AdsP is currently waiting for the verdict of precautionary hearing to start operations in the terminal, relocate workers recruited by Agenzia Taranto Port Workers Srl, subsequently relaunching Taranto port and the whole ancillary services”.