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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
05/08/19 11:15

LBH Italy replied to the Taranto cluster

The ship agency appointed by Arcelor Mittal to manage import traffics in the Ionic port rejected the accusations and is planning “every possible action” to protect its interests

Arcelor Mittal was not pleased with the recent declarations made by Taranto local ship agents and politicians with reference to its decision to appoint the international group LBH as its ship agent for ships calling at the port of Taranto.

In fact, the ship agency LBH Italy – which started working in the Ionic port on June the 3rd -  announced that it is “evaluating every possible action in order to protect its reputation and interests”, sole director Denis Pack declared in a note.

LBH replied to each single charge, starting from the request submitted by Federagenti's local representatives and by several regional councillors (in particular Gianni Liviano) to Arcelor Mittal, asking it to equally divide the work among all the ship agents active in the port as it used to be during the Riva family's management. 

According to LBH, “the Riva group used a trusted agency, which was not from Taranto, to which it entrusted all ship traffics, related to both imports and exports”.

The ship agency also denied that its parent company LBH Group has its registered office in the Anguilla tax jurisdiction which used to be included in the black-list. In fact, as reported by Ship2Shore, the group is headquartered in the Caribbean island of Curaçao (Dutch Antilles), which was removed from the EU's black-list long ago following its collaboration with international authorities.

Similarly, LBH pointed out that Arcelor Mittal did not entrust it with the management of agency services related to all the maritime traffics generated by the Taranto plant, but only with services related to ships transporting imported goods (as our newspaper already reported), i.e. the necessary coal and iron ore to supply the plant.

“At a global level, LBH Group, to which LBH Italy refers to, has branches in 22 countries worldwide”, the company's note reads.

“LBH is the trust company of London-based ArcelorMittal Shipping (dealing with charters of ships transporting raw materials on behalf of the Indian group all over the world) almost in all the Countries where raw material cargoes are loaded. This is the broadest scenario for the provision of maritime services on LBH Italy's part, being subject to Italian regulations, even tax ones, since it is registered at the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Taranto, were it has its registered and operational office, and whose employees are all from Taranto”.


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