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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
02/07/18 09:36

Interporto di Venezia's sale has been revived by two offers

After Gabriele Volpi pulled out, a couple of new upcoming biddings were seemingly backed by Austria-based trader Carbones and probably Bogazzi group

After negotiations which were supposed to transfer Interporto di Venezia to Orlean Invest Holding of Gabriele Volpi for some 68 million Euro, the procedure covering the sale of the companies involved in Gruppo De Vecchi's bankruptcy is ready to start.

According to adjuster Umberto Lago “two companies are performing due diligence before submitting non-binding offers. Subsequently they will be turned into binding offers and the best one chosen in order to reach final adjudication after summer, if possible”.

The adjuster also pinpoints that “unlike former negotiation with Orleans Group, the new procedure will not encompass Sonora (holding an area in Marghera, Ed.), therefore biddings would only relate to Interporto Venezia and TIA – Terminal Intermodale Adriatico”.

The names were not unveiled, however, according to reliable sources, one of the interested subjects would be Carbones (raw materials trader and major customer of Marghera port terminal, actually controlled by Interporto Venezia, handling 350,000 tons bulks per year) and also Bogazzi group, already controlling Transped and MultiService.

The same sources confirmed that one of the two subject is also interested, in partnership with some undisclosed operators, in the group's industrial assets” and that “other investors are ready to join in”.

Overall 24 million euro were allocated for Interporto Venezia composition with creditors, 23.5 million for Sonora Srl composition, 6 million for immovable assets controlled by Interporto Venezia, 2.85 million for movable assets held by Sonora, 7 million for Interporto's partnership in Terminal Intermodale Adriatico newco, after the sale of their business branch, 4.65 million for Cia's paricipation in Terminal Intermodale Adriatico.

Mortgage loans stand at 21 million Euro, 1.5 million accounts receivables, 6 million privileged receivables and further 20 million for ordinary creditors

MontePaschiSiena, Banca Mediocredito Friuli Venezia Giulia and Bnl are mostly embroiled banks.

The facility spread on 240,000 square metres area, provided with 500 metres quays facing the western canal and handles various cargo, bulks as well as iron and steel products.

Nicola Capuzzo