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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
11/02/19 12:23

In 2018 Campania ports recorded a decrease in freight traffic

The slight growth in container and liquid bulk cargoes does not offset the decrease in ro-ro traffics: in total, Naples and Salerno lost 1.7% tons. Passenger traffics achieved encouraging results

As for most Italian ports – except for Norther Adriatic ones – the economic recession affected also traffics results recorded by Campania ports.

According to Port Authority’s data, the volume of freights handled in Naples and Salerno in 2018 witnessed a 1.7% decrease compared to 2017. In both ports, ro-ro traffics were mostly affected: -4% in Naples and Salerno, amounting to a total -4.9% (13.1 million tons). This decrease was not offset by the positive results related to containers and liquid bulk cargoes. In fact, as concerns containers tons increased only by 0.75% (11.2 million almost equally divided: slight increase in Naples and slight decrease in Salerno), although TEUs recorded a +5% ascribable to empty containers handling.

Likewise, liquid bulk cargoes increased only by 0.83% (5.1 million tons), with LNG decreasing by 0.9% (1.08 million tons), while the +16.3% increase in solid bulk cargoes is not significant (151,000 tons).

Passenger traffics achieved better results: cruises witnessed a 15.3% increase, handling 1.14 million passengers (1.07 of whom in Naples), while home port services cruise passengers decreased (-13%) due to the increase (+19%) in transfer passengers (7.49% million, amounting to +1.6%).

“The data related to the growth in maritime traffics in the Campania ports in 2018, both in the commercial and in the passenger sectors, are the result of the joint efforts of port operators, local economic and tourist businesses and institution”, Port Authority president Pietro Spirito observed.

“These combined actions must be capitalized in 2019, completing the significant infrastructure works in progress and starting other essential works to strengthen medium and long-term competition in the Campania port system. We will strive to attract manufacturing investments as they are indispensable to support our territory in terms of industrial production, through the special economic zone”.


Andrea Moizo

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