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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
04/11/19 09:34

Improved banana truce in Civitavecchia

The Port Authority defined the possibilities and limitations for CFFT concerning the use of the public quay for non-reefer containers, waiting for the Regional Administrative Court. The provisional financial statements were approved despite the contrary vote of the Municipality

The Port Authority of Civitavecchia recently implemented a measure related to the complex issue of commodity flows.

Based on the decisions taken one year ago, in the past months Article 16 CFFT – Civitavecchia Fruit&Forest Terminal managed to keep the existing agreement with Chiquita-Maersk thanks to the possibility to unload the service reefer containers on the public quay 24, transferring them to its warehouse immediately. In the past weeks, however, the fact that, besides reefer cargoes, CFFT needs to unload also several traditional containers from Maersk’s ships caused problems. This could have worsened the dispute with the concessionaire pursuant to Article 18 RTC – Roma Terminal Container, which has long been claiming its exclusive right to container traffics in Civitavecchia.

Along with the interlocution initiated by the Port Authority between the two operators about the possible synergies between the terminal container and Civitavecchia Interport, which was recently transferred to CFFT, the president of the Body Francesco Maria di Majo explained that, in a letter to the port company, he pointed out that “dry containers may be handled, but only in small proportions compared to reefer containers, and provided that they are removed from the quay and transferred to the Interport immediately”.

Despite the latest vicissitudes and the possible collaborations concerning the interport, this delicate situation depends on the opinion of the Italian Higher Council for Public Works (about the technical-functional adjustment suggested by the Port Authority in April) and on the various appeals lodged with the Regional Administrative Court by CFFT and RTC: the decisive hearing is scheduled for December the 4th.

In the meantime, the Port Authority Management Committee approved the provisional financial statements for 2020. “The estimated tax revenues of the body amount to 17,268,000 euro (in 2019 they amounted to 20,372,408). The lower increase, which is mainly due to the significant decrease in the coal of the Torrevaldaliga Enel plant, is partly compensated by the steady growth recorded in 2019 in the handling of freight and passengers in the medium and short scale cabotage traffic which witnessed an increase of 100,000 ro-pax passengers and a 6% increase in freight traffic, besides the excellent results achieved in cruise passengers traffic”, a Body’s note reads.

However, the representative of the Metropolitan City abstained, while the Municipality of Civitavecchia voted against it. “My negative vote is due to the significant decrease in freight tonnage, which was not followed by an actual description of the prospects for relaunching”.



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