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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
01/07/19 11:58

Hungary to conquer Trieste

The double agreement related to the sale (subject to reclamation) of former Aquila 34 hectares area for the creation of a multipurpose terminal will be concluded on July the 5th Also a leading European company is interested in the Logistics Platform, while Anapo aims at bunkering services

Although it should be a private agreement, according to rumours the event might turn into a political opportunity allowing the Minister of the Interior and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini and the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Peter Szijjarto to prove the solidity of the alliance between the Italian and the Hungarian governments.

According to the Trieste newspaper Il Piccolo, on July the 5th an Hungarian public company will take over the companies Aquila and Seastok. The former (Teseco's subsidiary) holds a sixty-years port concession in the port of Trieste, while the latter (a joint-venture between Socogas, Butan Gas and Liquigas) owns adjacent areas. Together, they manage the 34 hectares that the Hungarians want to turn into a multipurpose terminal (neither containers nor ferries, rather bulk cargoes, metals and timbers) to serve the Budapest economy, for an investment ranging from 80 and 125 million euro (25 of which for the acquisition of the two companies). This solution emerged in the past months and it was approved by the Port Authority of Trieste, thus replacing Koper in the Hungarian preferences in order to use the area which over the years was affected by several problems.

Since until the Eighties the area was used by a refinery, its reclamation is the last obstacle to the Hungarian investment. According to the Trieste newspaper, the Hungarian company is allowed to "withdraw also after the conclusion of the agreement, if the confrontation with the Ministry of the Environment should fail. In fact, the new owners required a simplification of redevelopment procedures, which do not provide for a reclamation, rather for the filling of polluted soils and for the subsequent creation of the terminal yards. The Hungarian company asked the Italian government to create a Conference of services not dealing with the entire site of national interest, but only with the former Aquila area" in order to act more rapidly; as well as to "cancel the legal disputes that the Region and Ezit (Trieste Industrial Area Body, ed.) had initiated against Teseco for its failure to redevelop the area".

Unless problems arise with regard to reclamatons, in 2-3 years the terminal will enter into operation. While the Hungarian company is looking for an operator, the terminal will be connected by railway to the Aquilina station, to be completed in 2020.


Also a leading European company is interested in the Logistics Platform, while Anapo aims at bunkering services


The Hungarian investment is not the only international investment that will be made in the port of Trieste in the next months. In fact, China Merchants Group's interest in the Logistics Platform, which at the end of last December was completed by 70%, might materialize. "As concerns negotiations with the Chinese counter parties, a meeting with the legal advisors of both parties is needed. As it is well-known, they are defining possible corporations (Spa) and Sha and, due to technicalities, they are planning to meet in Trieste as soon as possible", the Company's Chairman and shareholder Francesco Parisi explained at the beginning of May to the other shareholders (ICOP, Cosmo and Interporto Bologna) gathered to approve the financial statements.

However, the Trieste-based freight forwarder also informed his partners about the fact that on April the 27th they "had organized a visit with the international manager of one of the leading European terminal management companies", whose name was not put on the records for confidentiality purposes. "At the end of the visit, said subject asked to examine possible future collaborations as well as its possible entry into the capital". Parisi is evaluating this scenario with regard to possible exclusivity obligations in the agreements with the Chinese. The leading company might be TIL (MSC group) or the Turkish company Yildirim, the latter being more likely due to the type of traffics it deals with.

Meanwhile, an Italian operator will try to compete with Giuliana Bunkeraggi, recently taken over by Ocean, for the exclusive position in the Trieste naval refuelling market. The Sicilian shipping company Anapo within the Bunker Energy group (the new brand chosen by Maxcom Bunker of the Jacorossi family after the criminal vicissitudes in which some of its managers were involved) submitted an application to the Coast Guards for the granting of the "10-years concession related to bunkering services provided through naval units in the roadstead and in the port of Trieste".

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